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A Film Called “Spectacles”

Quite a while ago, I got wind of a short film being made called “Spectacles”. I was intrigued of course and tried to find out about it.  This is what the website says… “Young, innocent, and cursed with poor sight, William Franklin invents his own remedy to seeing the world in a better light.  As he struggles with his poor condition, his invention and his new friend shows Will a world he never knew existed.” 

Magic Spectacles?

It’s a film for a degree, I think.   By Li Zhu. The web site doesn’t give too much away and is free of any clues by way of pictures.  I know from the cast notes that there’s spekky teasing involved. When they update it we my find out more… Or even one day see the film. Maybe it’ll be on You Tube and I can embed it here?  Li?

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