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A Lot Of You Want Benetton Spectacles…

And Finding Whatever Glasses You Want On-Line Is Easy…

benetton Spectacles in Colour Combinations

Benetton Spectacles in Colour Combinations

Boy how things have changed since we started Spectacles Blog, both in the worlds of glasses, spectacles and sunglasses… for one, it’s now called “eyewear” half the time which it would nevber have been in the old days (all of two years ago). And these Benetton spectacles are in the “adult” section, which used to mean something else… but then benetton do do eyewear (glasses!) for kids too.

I’m seeing on internet stats that a lot of people are looking for Benetton glasses/spectacles and we haven’t even mentioned Benetton on Spectacles Blog since 2009!

The specs shown are the BE260 (ah! names to conjure with) and they come in four colour combinations ~ being crystal black, havana/black, transparent brown/smoke blue as these and transparent grey/acid green.

Talking of finding spectacles on line these days ~ that’s also different too. The funny thing is that I just looked for Benetton glasses and there are lots of retailers selling them but yiou have to go a long way to find the official Benetton site. (Does anyone say “official” anymore? or is that too a part of web history?) I had to go past many sites including the pss-you-off ones which aren’t sites but just list model numbers for search engines and aren’t sites per se at all.

If you want to see the way Benetton presents them go to their site here.

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