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A Special Site For Little Four Eyes

Parents Run Advice SIte For Be-Spectacled Under 5’s

Please visit this site Litte Four Eyes and see for yourself what can be said about spectacles for the 5 year old and under. It’s a wealth of advice and comment by parents who’ve been there and done that.

Illustrations by Scott

Illustrations by Scott

As they say in their introduction “Glasses are not the worst thing that your kid may need to deal with, not by a long shot, but as we faced getting glasses for our children, we found ourselves wishing there were some way to connect with other parents who have dealt or are dealing with with a variety of situations involving small children with very expensive (and breakable!) equipment on their faces.  Little Four Eyes is aimed at parents of kids 5 and under, though any one is welcome!  We’re run by parents.”

 And the site has wonderful illustrations by Scott Donaldson

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  1. Ann Z says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words and the link! I really appreciate it, and now I’m enjoying exploring your blog, too.

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