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Autumn 2008. Spectacles Blog UK.

Let’s find out how much we can find out about the wider world of glasses, sunglasses, goggles and spectacles…

I’m spending a fair amount of time finding out interesting things to write about.  Because when I search spectacles on the web (like searching most things these days) I find that there’s not so much to see other than things for sale and manufacturers’ puff and piffle.  (Yes we will publish the piffle as well!).  Here you can see an edited selection of news, views and often only-just-related oddities.  More interesting, I hope than just the for sale stuff elsewhere.

Here you can enjoy some more of the diversity of the subject.  Please spend some time exploring the blog and the older posts or look within a category.  If you can’t find what you want, please let me know.

In any case please feel free to comment on any post.  Or email me at tate@spectaclesblog.com


PS. Autumn 2009: A catch up on Spectacles UK

A year into the world of spectacles in the UK and further abroad and it’s been an interesting ride.  What I have learnt about spectacles (and a lot of other stuff when I waste my time going off into the ether after spectacle stories that aren’t)!*  Spectacles Blog has done well in some ways – how do you want to measure it?  Various stats show readers climbing in numbers every week and month.  We do well in searches for spectacles – though eye/glasses and sunglasses, not so well.  It’s hard to know whether to stay on the subject of what people want to buy this week which is tricky because all the big retailers, especially on-line vendors have the fast track on that (and I get bored with just fashion).  The ambition is to get onto page one of the searches and to see how many readers Spectacles Blog can get. (Then they can tell me what they want.) Meanwhile, I entertain myself and educate myself with all sorts of wierd and wonderful info that for the most part is of marginal value to the wider world.

* I’ve also learned that generally exclamation marks don’t work.  Full stops seem to have more impact. But sometimes… what the hell.

Tate at Spectacles Blog (November 2010)

Tate's birth place

By the way some people ask if my real name is Tate, well yes and no.  It’s a second name and one which I adopted because I was born outside the Tate gallery on the Thames Embankment in an ambulance (now Tate Britain).

It has nothing to do with spectacles – my mum no doubt took hers off for the duration, though I know she had her socks on!


Spectacles Blog Hits 10,000 visitors a month for the first time…

Nobody else may care but I’m quite proud to say that Spectacles Blog has hit the big ten thousand a month spot for visitors and to be honest I didn’t think we’d get there after just a few months in… but the numbers have been growing steadily and I’m quite proud.  I may have to get a few new pairs of glasses to celebrate.


  1. Hey, I have ordered those glasses and I imformed the company that I heard of them through you. They have promised to do there best and get them to me by the end of the week. I ll be impressed if hey do-I’ll let you know if they pull that off ! Off to France Sunday so I do hope they do.Check out my web site now… Karen x

  2. Jane says:

    Do you know where I can buy Caroline Abram frames in London?? Their website (in Paris) is impossible.

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