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Bamboo Spectacles

More Wooden Glasses, This Time in Bamboo

Big Bamboo, as they say in Trinidad..

There are various outlets for the Takemoto spectacles frames e.g. from Etsy from about £42, which seems pretty good. Available in sunglasses or prescription, if you send details… for extra of course. Different sellers send from Hong Kong or China but I’m sure there are others and if you search you shall find.  And of course there are different styles.  The ones shown are pretty Ray-Ban-esque.

One small gripe (this week is the griping week, sorry) is that to get into one website to see these you have to sign in via FB. What a pain and what a dis-incentive. Also there’s no Mr Takemoto website so I cannot trace the provenance. But hey, who cares when you can buy them for such a reasonable price on-line…

PS Thanks to world famous TV corrspondent (ITV Daybreak) Richard Gaisford for alerting me to these bamboo specs.


  1. Simon Ch'ng says:

    Bamboo glasses are such an interesting idea – I’m sure these would be beneficial for the environment, as bamboo can be grown quickly and easily. I love titanium and Italian acetate, but ‘natural’ glasses products like bamboo could become very popular in the future.

  2. G-Eyes Optical Center Malaysia says:

    Thank for all the information you share about spectacles, it is really useful and getting trends now. People are now have more knowledge about spectacles and it does help my business. Thank you for your contribution. And do hope there are more of this ! (PS from Spectacles Blog: Apart from not worrying about English being a first language – which you wouldn’texpect from malaysia, do you think this perosn means this or are they just sp8mming…?!)

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