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Barracuda Shades – Not Spectacles Per Se…

Some Wierd And Wonderful Shades & Spectacles

You Can See Through These Glasses

I’ve been on a website that’s quite new to me and there’s some wonderful stuff there. It’s called A-morir Kerin Rose (I think).¬† And the range of things to buy is for the confirmed Specarati¬© (some of whom you can see on Spectacles Blog in our Famous Four Eyes section – like Lady Gaga)

These are the Barracuda as featured in Rhianna’s TV interview (Alexa Chung – I’ll get it from You Tube, to follow).

Meanwhile on this site there are marvels for you to marvel at and for some to buy…¬† $500 down to $210 for the lace specs.

Watch this space for more wonders…

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