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Cheap Spectacles

The most searched criteria for specs on-line! Why? because people don’t want to pay too much for their glasses! There are plenty of places to buy cheap specs and some are surptisingly good…

Vintage Round Glasses From I Need Spex…

  Edwardian Spectacles in Gold, Library Tips & All… Well, I found these lovely looking specs online and I ordered some and they are quite delightful – at least to a the spectacles specerati, like me – with their elegant “library” temples and small round lenses and lovely soft gold colour finish. You can find them too here at I Need Spex When I talk about library temples, it means that they are straight without the bent hook over the ears… Why? So that you can easily slip them on and off when studying in the library (where you’d find all […]

Good Value Replica Prescription Glasses

Can I have a pair of these glasses please? I saw these replica Edwardian glasses quite a while a go and asked the company who is selling them (I need spex.co.uk) if I could have a pair to review (quality, wearability, durability, etc.) and they never replied to my email. I really wanted to try these and would have put them (and me) onto Spectacles Blog, but without the glasses, I can’t. I’m sure that I would have said nice things as I fancy these… Anyone out there from I need spex?

Select Specs Clip Ons… Tom Ford… Etc…

All Quiet on The Spectacles Front… But The Wait Is Over… It’s been some time since we mentioned our favourite inexpensive spectacles retailer – Select Specs. And even though they pretty regularly send me and thouands of their other customers one or two emails a month, Ive not used them recently. I didn’t need any more specs for a while you see. But we have a new car (extra, what!) and I like to keep a pair of glasses in any car I drive to stop that foolish rush back in through the door (unlocking, locking) and the humiliating “forgot […]

New £6 (or A$12) Spectacles from Select Specs (or Omnioptics)

Great Spectacles In The Pink… Yes they look silver but they’re pink – though they’re not that pink. Select Specs even went to the trouble to check that I knew that they were pink, when I ordered some.  They are colour co-ordinated with the car (actually purple or mauve) that I keep them in. Great Spectacles for The Price… And the good news is that they came in less than a week and they are of a really good quality – for that price they are amazing quality. The arms spring back like what you pay extra for at some mainstream […]

On Select Specs Spectacles & Up a Notch…

Spectacles Blog To Try These Hawaii Spectacles… I have to admit that I do need some new specs – how did a man who writes Spectacles Blog get himself into that position you might ask… But I did.  In fact I’m down to two pairs – one, the previous order from Select Specs (£6) which have lasted well and my handmade Premiere ones.  The others from various places are down a screw or bust or lost!  And a man needs a few pairs of specs – TV, driving, (and spare driving) and best, etc… So I went to Select Specs and […]

Designer Replica Sunglasses “InStyle”

Replica Sunglasses How Do They get Away With It? I can’t remember how I heard about these people – probably an alert for designer sunglasses. But now that I’ve been to see In Style Sunglasses (dotcom), it seems amazing that they get away with it. The D&G replicas which are shown here are $15.50. The site seems to promote the whole concept proudly using the word “replica” but the name “inspired” which is OK depending on [a] how close to the original is the design and [b] the use of the logo – or close “inspiration”.  It’s in the States […]

Rimless Specs & Painless Price…

Select Specs Spectacles Do The Job Very Well Thank You… Bearing in mind that someone chased me to see these rimless spectacles (how did they know the code?) I thought I’d better show them.  But first apologies for the delay in putting them uphereon Spectacles Blog. There was no delay in the specs arriving but as you may see from the dates of the recent posts Spectacles Blog went into serious neglect for a while.  I just got all specked out… I took these pictures of someone else in the specs – my face just doesn’t live up to being […]

Good News On Spectacles Speed

I’ll come back with more details of my new spectacles but before I get a chance to picture them myself, I’d wanted to note that my new rimless Select Specs arrived almost exactly a fortnight after ordering.  (No post strikes or volcanoes to be seen this time.)  So happy on that front. This time was a real splash out at all of £18 – but not bad for rimless glasses! The picture on the left only emphasises how difficult it is to see rimless glasses frames in a photo.  But I guess that being invisible is the whole point.  I’m […]

Fashion Glasses Boost Spectacles’ Image

Essilor “the world’s leading manufacturer of spectacle lenses eyewear and optical products” survey… The rampant on-line spectacles/glasses retailer firmoo have a blog and on that blog they published the results of a recent survey.  The gist was that “Americans’ perception about the eyeglasses has been changed a lot due to the popularity of fashion eyeglasses”.  And who’d be surprised: Glasses have come a long way in the last two years (since Spectacles Blog has been writing).  Firstly there are more fashion opportunites with cheap spectacles. Compare with the fashion (prices) revolution which cae about through supply chain management and logistic […]

More Fit Over Sunglasses

Spectacles Blog Gets Comment About Price I got my fit-over sunglasses as you can see from Reading Glasses Shopper as seen on Spectacles Blog.  I haven’t photographed myself in them yet but I will (watch this space).  They are only $16.95 at said site. Then David asked if there is somewhere in the UK which sold them for less thn the £25-ish he’d seen them at.  So I had a search and could only find them for more! At Sunglasses Shop the equivalent were £30 and still £27-something at Amazon, which is generally a good place to search for the lowest prices. […]