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Choosing Spectacles

What do you want to know about choosing your spectacles or glasses? Colour, size, face shape, make-up, buying on line, styles.. you name it, there’s something here for you to learn

Choosing Spectacles & Glasses: By Clothes Not Face

Over the years we’ve said a lot (often cribbed from other sites and info by those who have studied this at some length) about how to choose spectacles to suit you – see Choosing Spectacles category for lots of angles including eye shape/face shape/make up etc etc… But then two things happened [1] sod the rules became a more popular philosophy and [2] people buy more specs So why not choose them for your colour outfit. I have a couple of pairs of glasses which I leave in the cars – colour co-ordinated. So in the purple car I have […]

Puplillary Distance For On-Line Spectacles

Spectacles & Glasses Retailers Helping Like Mad With PD Measurement… One of the reasons people may site for going to a high street optician is that they like them to be fitted.  Now Spectacles Blog has no side to take because we’re just interested in spectacles, glasses and sunglasses and not necessarily where to buy them.  We do talk about on-line retailers but we also talk about high street retailers and opticians. And we talk about makes and brands of glasses and sunglasses too.But when you decide, if you do, to buy specs on-line then we want you to be […]

Measure Your Pupillary Distance The iModern Way For Glasses On Line

Buying Spectacles On Line? Get Your Pupillary Distance Right Can’t remember how I came across this but I think it was in a comment sent to Spectacles Blog.  Anyhow, the news is that you can get an app (what else, it is 2010 after all) to measure your pd – your pupillary distance – so you can get the right size glasses or spectacles when you buy online.  This has of course long been the curse of prescriptions and buying on-line.  You can measure it in real true life, using something as archaic as a ruler (a rule?)( reminds me of […]

Spectacles & Glasses Sizes: Measuring Up For Specs

Do You Know What Spectacle Sizes Mean? If you saw these numbers inside your spectacles – or someone else’s glasses for that matter, would you know what they meant?  The numbers would be on the spectalces’ frame because they are specific to the frame. 54-20-140 Sometimes there’s a little square between the numbers like this □ but this is only really punctuation. All numbers are in millimetres. The first number is the eye glass width of the frame (here 60) and the second number is the bridge (the width of the frame across the nose, here 20) and the third is […]

Choosing Spectacles For Your Eyes & Make Up

Spectacles Blog Guides To Choosing Spectacles/Glasses: Part#999 It may be foolishness on my part but Spectacles Blog has published many pieces about choosing glasses – including the shape of your face, your hair colouring, your fashion sense, your personality and so on… but never have we used our common sense and thought about spectacles and YOUR EYES. (Am I dim or just blurry visioned?)  See other Choosing Spectacles pieces on Spectacles Blog So… Some Notes On Spectacles, Glasses, Eyes & Eye Make Up… Note: Long-sighted, spectacles will tend to make your eyes look larger so be careful with the frames… So use darker […]

And Now (Do You Really Want…)Trifocals

When It Comes To Spectacles; What are Trifocals? I can’t remember where I first saw this… As you can work out, the current posts are a bit of a rag bag (or “miscellany” if you want to be polite) based on any old spectacles subjects.because I have a load of “drafts” that need to be published or deleted. Anyhow I read about the so-called “concept of trifocals”,claiming that “Bifocals have ruled the scene for quite some time now”. But trifocal lenses according to this long-forgotten source, deals with each of them separately, correcting vision presbyopias progressively. (And I think this […]

Designer Has His Say On What Your Spectacles Say About You

Glasses Designer Robert Marc Sees It This Way… Taken from an article in The Star Tribune, glasses designer of over 20 years Robert Marc tells us what he thinks glasses say about you – or more specifically, what different types of glasses say about different you’s. Quoting directly from the article… (And not all of his comments are shared by Spectacles Blog…) Rimless: Minimalist and smart. The rimless style reflects a desire to be professional. Who wears them: Sarah Palin, Kate Beckinsale and Steve Jobs. Wire or metal rims (including half-frames): Proficient and sophisticated, they’re for someone who wants a minimalist […]

Choosing Spectacles: What Colour Spectacles?

Glasses Frames In Colours & Tints I read that colours can influence our moods and reflect our personality.  I know from “design” including print graphics and interior design that there are traditional “wisdoms” about what colours do what and we know from nature and from natural response that this is certainly the case.  Red for danger (would that apply to a femme fatale in red specs?); greens for calm; blues for conservative and safe  (dark “respectable” blues when it comes to decor and design) but beware when it comes to food (there are no blue foods – and they now say […]

Spectacles For YOU: Choosing Spectacles #99!

Choosing Spectacles… Again… We’ve looked at what to consider when buying glasses, spectacles or sunglasses before many times and we have a whole category in the library on choosing spectacles. Most of the time there are general rules which make some sense but to be honest most of the advice counts for nothing compared to actually trying spectacles on.  And now ofcourse you can try specs on, on-line at many places and Spectacles Blog will be doing a review of those faclities very soon. Watch this space… (Have I said that before?) The last bit of advice is to a […]

More On Choosing Spectacles For Your Face

Australian Advice About Your Face Shape & Your Glasses Frames I’ve just received a comment on choosing spectacles for your face from an outfit in Australia (Stingy Specs) – see their comment on the post: Choosing Spectacles~Glasses For YOUR Face #1.  You can check this post or the whole “Choosing Spectacles” reference section. The comment suggested you check their more elaborate version of this advice.  Quite right too, they have pictures of the face shapes.  I promised to “pinch” any bits that I’d neglected before in the various articles on this subject. As I have commented before this advice should always be treated […]