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Specialist Glazing Lab in Leicestershire… Shepshed

Finally someone to glaze my special new glasses… Meet Shepshed Optical. They are the one place that I finally found could confidently glaze my Reykjavik Specs specs. The specs themselves are so fine and sophisticated (bendy, unbreakable and hinge-less) that to put lenses in is quite a risky business. The lenses have to be strong and they have to be fitted carefully. My usual resources failed me. That’s me by the way, on the left, in my tinted prescription pair: Not Shepshed, as the line above may imply! Awkward photographing oneself… Usually (why is that), I don’t show my face […]

Spectacles Just Won’t Stand Still!

New List of Designer Spectacles.. or Not?! Over four years ago I published a list of over 100 designer glasses brands which I found on one Italian retailer’s website. That list didn’t include sunglasses-only brands either, if my memory serves (which it doesn’t always). Then a year ago I was going to publish an updated one but I never got around to it… partly because I kept thinking it was out of date and then I didn’t want to count them all to make sure that I quoted an accurate number of brands on the list. Anyway, I thought it […]

Reykjavik Eyes Again…

Having put up a post last week about Rey… (goodness what a hard word to spell if you’re not from Iceland) ..etc Eyes, they kindly  got in touch with Spectacles Blog and sent me more pictures with real people in looking great in their specs. Even better (he says selfishly) they’re going to send me one of their one piece frames. NO screws and NO hinge to go wrong. Perfect timing as my then-current everyday specs of which I was fond j,ust broke at the hinge. It’s either glue them or put in the never-ever do pile. It’s probably the […]

German Designer Spectacles x2

I’ve come across two new spectacles sites (new to me) which I guess I was alerted to – in a comment I think so it was probably from a PR somewhere. But both are intrigueing and both have some great glasses… Both are German. Hot Frost: Great glasses but music too much… The Frosts seem to be a family firm with Paris and Marion Frost leading the way in slightly Austin Powers way, but hey I love the spectacles in many shapes and sizes but none of them really holding back. Not glasses for the shy and retiring… The only […]

Cazal Eyewear! Wow-wee Zowie!

Maximalism Spectacles & Eyewear These eyewear guys & girls have a great line. I wish I’d been the copywriter for that one… Instead of the usual post modern “minimalism”, they have gone for “maximalism”. In fact they call it Pure Maximalism. And it’s great with only one caveat ~ that you like that sort of thing.  Whenever and wherever they can they add something to make sure they’re over the top, they do and then some. Designer Carl Zalloni, who gave his name to the company albeit in a chopped hybrid has obviously had a lot of fun. Their collections have men’s, […]

Baumvision/Paul Frank Glasses & Sunglasses: Classic, Retro or What?

Spectacles Blog Tries To Keep Up To Speed… They’re “thrilled to announce the launch of the summer 2011 eyewear collection from Paul Frank” says Baumvision… But though I knwo somehting about spectacles, glasses and sunglasses, I’m not familiar with Paul Frank… They go on… “These bold yet classic styles are handmade and feature CR-39 lenses that are 100% UVA and UVB coated and scratch resistant. The frames are not only fashionable but they are also hypo-allergenic, cotton based, RX-ABLE and the perfect fit!” And they’re from paul Frank, who seems to sell some of everything in the States, including spactacles […]

Would I Be Right In Thinking That Emporio Armani Don’t Really Care About Spectacles?

No Spectacles, Glasses Or Sunglasses On Their Website… Shame on Them… As hard as I have tried, I can’t find any spectacles on the Armani website. They have accessories and panties and they have jewellery but no glasses. they have another site specially for their watches but (get the idea) not one fore spectacles,  Sure if you search for Emporio Armani spectacles you get a lot of places to buy them but they don’t let you see thm on their own website. And why not? Don’t they care? I suspect not and I also suspect that they don’t have a lot […]

A Lot Of You Want Benetton Spectacles…

And Finding Whatever Glasses You Want On-Line Is Easy… Boy how things have changed since we started Spectacles Blog, both in the worlds of glasses, spectacles and sunglasses… for one, it’s now called “eyewear” half the time which it would nevber have been in the old days (all of two years ago). And these Benetton spectacles are in the “adult” section, which used to mean something else… but then benetton do do eyewear (glasses!) for kids too. I’m seeing on internet stats that a lot of people are looking for Benetton glasses/spectacles and we haven’t even mentioned Benetton on Spectacles […]

Famous Four Eyes Elton John In Theo Spectacles

Theo Spectacles Making Their Mark Alongside Celebrities Making Their Mark Goodness what’s it worth to get a celebrity into your fashion frock, your watch or in this case, your spectacles. Belgium’s Theo (of which you’ve heard before on theo spectacles earlier on spectacles blog), have done well to get Sir Elton into these spectacular spectacles. They’re Theo model Cinquante+quatre in flashy pink and he was spotted during the Elton John Foundation’s 19th annual Oscar viewing dinner. What are the closest equivalents to the Oscars for spectacles? I should know but I don’t.  Watch this space… Looking at Jordan and her “big […]

More A-Morir Wierd & Wonderful Spectacles

Spectacles Blog Lead Back To Gloriously Different Spectacles & Glasses At A-Morir… We’ve seen these imaginative people before on Spectacles Blog with a bit of show biz glitz and a bit of spectacles name-dropping…  I’ve just been following a round-a-bout link all the way back to them again and they’re still worth it. And I recommended them to you then… Did you go see? If not go now – to A-Morir by Kerin Rose and look at what glasses can be for the frivolous – but fun. The onky downside (not the price of $350 for these/if you want them, you want them… […]