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Famous Four-Eyes

Famous glasses wearers are… well… famous – and often for their spectacles – in spite of them or because of them. Famous people in glasses is a subject much seen in the media. We’ve got most of them here. Can you think of any more? Please let us know who you’d like to see.

PS (Including Mr Johhny Depp) on 1970’s racing sunspecs

Famous Four Eyes Johhny in Famous Racing Style Specs After publishing the piece on 1970’s shades/sunglasses, itself following the film Rush, here comes Johnny… Here (seen somewhere, wearing some other stuff… etc… see various sleb mags), he is in distinctively 1970’s shades. I have to wonder why..? He’s not a follwer of fashion – more of a setter. So why wear something so obviously fixed in a avogue and then ignore the vogue. Is the juxtaposition the trend? The specs just don’t go with the gear. The specs themselves are reportedly nothing to do with our dear English/British film but […]

How Many Pairs of Spectacles Does Lady Gaga Have?

New and Very Interesting Spectacles (again) by Lady Gaga… Don’t get me wrong, I love to see people in all kinds of specs all the time. It makes writing about them a bit more interesting. I know that it’s just another form of publicity (what actually drags you  down when you do this) but at least it’s [a] fun and [b] different. Kindof… These wierd looking things were seen recently at an airport (doesn’t matter which) and when I tried to re-find them by searching “Lady Gaga in wierd spectacles” and in images, of course I got the whole range […]

Vanessa Feltz, SWOTY & Spectacles Blog’s Spectacles

Vanessa, a good sport, dancing and wearing my specs… I bumped into the friendly celebrity at the Spectacles Wearer of the Year (SWOTY) and actually persuaded her to try my specs. The glasses (in my picture here) on the right are her own and the ones on the left are mine. She was very happy to swap specs for fun. Then, within days, she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing – not wearing glasses at all – but hopefully she was still having fun. And then she got knocked out of the dancing competition before I could get this piece up. […]

Spectacles Wearer of The Year #1

Jenny Eclair: Famous Spectacle Wearer & Comedienne… The first spectacles-wearing sleb I captured at the big spec bash last week was Jenni Eclair… who said when she  briefly viewed the picture on my camera, that it was the best picture of her ever. I think that might have been an exaggeration but even if I so say myself (in support of Jenny), it is quite good. See pic on left… I guess the best ones she will like most are the ones from her website, where she’ll have total control. See the photo on the right. Jenny’s latest big black spectacles […]

Oldest and Only Spectacles Frame Maker in the UK…?

Spectacles Like The Used to Make Them! The BBC just ran a report on their news magazine about a firm – Wisemans –  at the Algha Works factory in Fish Island, in east London which still uses the same machines that they imported in 1932. They claim they are the only glasses frame manufacturer in the UK but I know a few who’d want to dispute that! That’s not their only claim to fame as they made spectacles for many of our famous four eyes – Harry Potter and John Lennon to name two. The machinery came to east London […]

Telegraph on Spectacles Image; Superman Again; Founding Fathers etc

Talking Of Men of Steel & Spectacles… Whilst reading about Superman and his glasses before (I just got round to publishing that Superman Famous Four Eyes post, but wrote it months ago), I came across an even older article at the Telegraph about Spectacles’ image and the statement they make. We always like a discussion about the image of glasses/spectacles but to be honest I’m not sure that this article adds a lot but I did like the way he described them as props at one point. I also appreciaited his candour that identity was key in the choice of […]

How Could We Forget Clarke Kent’s Spectacles

Superman in Glasses… Un-recognisable! Another famous spectacles wearer is of course Clarke Kent aka Superman (copyright Warner etc..). How could we forget… But we did, so here he is… (as Clarke Kent – Superman in disguise). I was going to start a discussion on how foolish  people were, not to recognise him… Not just specs though is it… it’s the personality as goofball as below, right. But it’s pointless as it’s fiction. Like the joke about What did Tarzan say when he saw a herd of elephants thundering over the hill? Answer “Look there’s a hurd of elephants thundering over […]

Cricketers In Spectacles

Spectacularly Unlucky Batsman Sehwag What a very odd spectacles story in India Today on line which lists the bad luck of Indian batsman Virender Sehbag and/or his spectacles as two possible reasons that he was stumped. To be honest I cannot quite understand how he got out but I think either the bowl or his deflection of same threw the ball into theair and Sehwag couldn’t see it in the air whilst it rather flukily dropped onto his stumps. Out!  Shane Warne & Alan Border, commentating, called it bad luck. I guess one reason that the story had some news […]

Spectacles Blogging

How to make a spectacle of yourself… It’s all very public if you’re being useless with a blog as the date of the last piece you penned states quite clearly when you last did! And since then I’ve had over 2000 spam comments… I guess that Spectacles Blog must register as doing the right thing in some respects if that many spammers (or machines rate it). Plus Heston Blumenthal has declared himself a spectacular glasses personality with a new range in the pipeline (or launched) with a well known UK high street retailer. Quite a coup for them I guess. […]

90 Years Old & Signature Spectacles

When Do Your Spectacles Take Over… I saw this picture in The New York Times online where you can read the whole article about Iris and her signature spectacles. The article is about Iris who seems a renaissance woman even now in her 90’s in the fickle world of NY fashion and art. To be honest I’m a bit confused by the exact drift of the article but then maybe I read it too fast, simply being taken by her jumbo glasses and the desire to add them on Spectacles Blog… I have borrowed the picture from the NYT.