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Famous Four-Eyes

Famous glasses wearers are… well… famous – and often for their spectacles – in spite of them or because of them. Famous people in glasses is a subject much seen in the media. We’ve got most of them here. Can you think of any more? Please let us know who you’d like to see.

Famous Four Eyes Elton John In Theo Spectacles

Theo Spectacles Making Their Mark Alongside Celebrities Making Their Mark Goodness what’s it worth to get a celebrity into your fashion frock, your watch or in this case, your spectacles. Belgium’s Theo (of which you’ve heard before on theo spectacles earlier on spectacles blog), have done well to get Sir Elton into these spectacular spectacles. They’re Theo model Cinquante+quatre in flashy pink and he was spotted during the Elton John Foundation’s 19th annual Oscar viewing dinner. What are the closest equivalents to the Oscars for spectacles? I should know but I don’t.  Watch this space… Looking at Jordan and her “big […]

Stevie Wonder In The Ages Of Sunglasses

Should Spectacles Blog Be Able To Identify The Shades Of Stevie? Heck No. I just wanted to show these pictures after the write up the other day about Stevie Wonder and his sunglasses or shades. So I went looking through the ages and what do we get? [a] Definitely a reflection of the times with shades through the second half of the Twentieth Century and [b] a sign of the times in fashion and style – including haircuts, bearded-ness and moustache retro. Let that be a lesson to all of us. What goes around, comes around. Nearly all the looks are […]

Stevie Wonder: Famous Spectacles Wearer…

Wonder In His Sunglasses: Famous Four Eyes or Not? Now how’s this for a tricky subject when it comes to spectacles, sunglasses and our Spectacles Blog section on famous four eyes… First the background: You know we have a section on “Famous Four Eyes” so when I saw this picture on facebook, posted by Polaroid, I thought of course – how could I have missed someone this famous and this famous for wearing spectacles – albeit sunglasses – from Spectacles Blog and our special section. Then I backpeddled (mentally) and thought, well wait a minute… does Stevie Wonder count? Does […]

John Lennon Glasses ~ This Time In £5 Coins

You Can’t See Through These Spectacles… Premiere Optical who make wonderful spectacles frames – bespoke off-the-shelf or custom made glasses – have been asked to make these by the Royal Mint who are promoting their new £5 coin.  I’ve not seen the publicioty but managed to get hold of this picture of the special spectacles.  I wonder what they will do with them afterwards. Of course Premiere Optical claim to be able to make just about anything in the spectacles line so these were a piece of cake. But like lenses made of cake – you can’t see through them… This […]

More on James Dean Spectacles, Sunglasses & Glasses

It seems that time doesn’t dampen the ardour for Mr Dean and in our case for his spectacles.  Many many visitors to Spectacles Blog come looking for James Dean’s spectacles/ sunglasses or eyeglasses. What I don’t know is if the searchers are looking for James dean in glasses or in sunglasses.  The last time we showed the famous four eyes, as above link, we showed him in specs – and he wore quite a few pairs in different styles which we must come back to; so this time it’s in sunglasses.  He really is a cool guy.  But it’s been about […]

HM The Queen In 3D Spectacles

Royal 3D Specs With An Extra Royal Touch I know that it isn’t news but for those of you who never saw this… And the this is a pair of 3D glasses with an extra touch of royal glamour. What makes them special is the “Q” on the side of the frames. Apparently the Queen’s personal assistant, Angela Kelly, had the letter Q made in Swarovski crystals and attached to the 3D spectacles.  Surely, it should be ER. This was all in Pinewood Studios, Toronto, Canada, to view a 3D film. John Reeve, a 3D maestro (a stereographer no less) with the […]

John Hegley: Favourite Famous Four Eyes

“Glad To Wear Glasses” Poet & Author Doesn’t Write Much About His Spectacles… I came across a “spectacles” reference the other day – “Glad To Wear Glasses”, a collection of poems by one of the UK’s best known popular poets (and someone I have always admired). I don’t think that there’s a lot of poems in the collection about glasses or spectacles but that may not be material for many other people!  Incidentally there is a lot about dogs… For more info on John Hegley please see the John Hegley Website. Meanwhile here’s a poem in another of his collections (Love Cuts) […]

Michael Caine Ipcress File Spectacles

How To Get Glasses You’ve Alway Wanted… “I always wanted a pair of glasses as worne by Michael Kane in the ipcress file. I live in Victoria Australia in Melbourne and would welcome advice how to go about this”.  So wrote David from Melbourne, Australia. The ones worn in the Ipcress File are like those in the David Bailey shot seen on Spectacles Blog before and these ones from Michael Caines site, captioned “Classic”. I can only repeat my previous advice that you go to Premiere Optical and look at the hand made “blades” range (is the Luke as on the right […]

Famous For Eyes: Gok Wan & His Spectacles

Could There Be A Current UK Personality More Right For Spectacles Blog’s Famous Four Eyes? Reading a recent article on The Times Online I was struck by the fact that Gok has not blessed our Spectacles Blog pages before with his presence in our Famous four Eyes section.  In that article, the photo of Gok by Giles Hattersley (as seen below) is so much better than on one of Gok’s site – where they sell his fashion collections of shaping underwear and lingerie – but no spectacles or glasses. Given his background as a meticulous fashionista and given the tremendous control of his outfits […]

Kelly Brook Sexes It Up For Specsavers Spectacles

Famous Four Eyes: Famous Front I’m not sure exactly what’s the news but I think that it’s that Kelly Brook is to front the next Spectacles Wearer Of The Year. Do you think they call it swoty – surely that’s just the image they’re trying to lose as in swotty! Not that Kelly looks swotty…  But it does give the tabloids a chance to mention “Specs appeal”. First there’s some sexy pictures available on-line from a shoot. Here’s two of them – but the emphasis is head to toe rather than on the glasses. Then there’s news that she is to front (she’s […]