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Spam and Compliments for Spectacles Blog

The World of Spectacles & Glasses Never Rests… Well while I’ve been very lazy and not writing much on Spectacles Blog recently (some fatique, some disillusionment and some Xmas break), I come back to it to find the usual thousands of spam comments haven’t taken a rest. Most of these are caught by the spam filter and I don’t even look at them anymore, but some get through the filter and beg a reading. Most of these are spam too. The first point has to be that I should be flattered that people (machines, really) find the site and try […]

Coloured Spectacles & The Benefits…

Reading Through Coloured Lenses Helps Kiwis & Others My daughter for one… We were going to her school and she was reading my notes through a yellow plastic folder and she exclaimed that it was easier to read than normal. One of the teachers at her school confirmed that this happens – particularly with those who have reading (and dislexia issues) troubles. So I looked on the big wide world interweb and saw the following artcile which makes sense… thanks to Dana Kinita of the Rotorua Daily Post (and thanks for the photo Stephen Parker). I quote from the article… […]

A Lot Of You Want Benetton Spectacles…

And Finding Whatever Glasses You Want On-Line Is Easy… Boy how things have changed since we started Spectacles Blog, both in the worlds of glasses, spectacles and sunglasses… for one, it’s now called “eyewear” half the time which it would nevber have been in the old days (all of two years ago). And these Benetton spectacles are in the “adult” section, which used to mean something else… but then benetton do do eyewear (glasses!) for kids too. I’m seeing on internet stats that a lot of people are looking for Benetton glasses/spectacles and we haven’t even mentioned Benetton on Spectacles […]

More Affordable Glasses For Kids – Behar Style

Mexico Government Issue Spectacles For 6-18 Year Olds With Mix’n Match Colours I didn’t know much about the designer of these spectacles until now but Yves Béhar is the founder of fuseproject, a design agency from San Francisco working in technology, furniture, sports, lifestyle and fashion. Their website says of Yves “Béhar brings a humanistic approach to his work with the goal of creating projects that are deeply in-tune with the needs of a sustainable future, connected with human emotions and which enable self-expression”. [Another of fuseproject’s diverse projects include the world’s first $100 “XO” laptop for Nicholas Negroponte’s One […]

A Film Called “Spectacles”

Quite a while ago, I got wind of a short film being made called “Spectacles”. I was intrigued of course and tried to find out about it.  This is what the website says… “Young, innocent, and cursed with poor sight, William Franklin invents his own remedy to seeing the world in a better light.  As he struggles with his poor condition, his invention and his new friend shows Will a world he never knew existed.”  It’s a film for a degree, I think.   By Li Zhu. The web site doesn’t give too much away and is free of any clues […]

A Special Site For Little Four Eyes

Parents Run Advice SIte For Be-Spectacled Under 5’s Please visit this site Litte Four Eyes and see for yourself what can be said about spectacles for the 5 year old and under. It’s a wealth of advice and comment by parents who’ve been there and done that. As they say in their introduction “Glasses are not the worst thing that your kid may need to deal with, not by a long shot, but as we faced getting glasses for our children, we found ourselves wishing there were some way to connect with other parents who have dealt or are dealing with with […]

Buzz Lightyear Goggle Spectacles Get Pages Of Comments

It’s Saturday morning and my kids are all bigger now (we don’t get any pictures like this anymore) and I saw this on a site called “What’s That Smell” / Accidental Mommies blog site and I though that for those that like the cute…here it is.  This picture has received five pages of admiring comments from readers of said blog – mostly including the word “cute”! But they are great spectacles – Buzz Lightyear goggles in fact. I might just have to get some for myself now.

New Spectacles Blog Category: Kids’ Spectacles

Kids Spectacles In Their Own Right First of all, I have now added a section for “KIDS SPECTACLES” to lump together any posts for anyone looking for kids’ spectacles… but I have realised that although there are many posts that come into that section, )and I have been back over all the old posts to add them to that category when appropriate) most don’t feature kids specs as such.  Oh dear. So my next task is to source examples of kids’ spectacles and show some more.  At the moment I think there’s only one post actually with specs in… so watch […]

Spectacles Easier for Kids Than Lenses

In an article from The Optician on-line a survey says that even though kids might be prepared to wear lenses, their parents aren’t so keen.  the survey (not huge) was amongst 8-17 yer olds.  I’d imagine that the results change dramatically the older the child becomes. The article states “Despite their children’s willingness to wear contact lenses, four out of 10 of the parents questioned said they were not comfortable with contact lenses for children. Two contributing factors for this included 77 per cent of parents thinking spectacles were easier to keep clean and take care of than contacts and […]

Some Spectacles Won’t Be Back In Fashion! Or Will They…

Vintage Kids In Vintage Spectacles This picture of these kids in spectacles made me wonder as almost everything comes around in the fashion world. But do you think that htese type of glasses on kids could ever come back?  Adults can do that to themselves but to subject kids to retro fashion might not be fair – especially when specs for kids these days are so much fun and mre to the point appropriate.  I know how hard it is to get kids into something their peers haven’t yet expressed an interest in, because I tried to persuade my 16 […]