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Japanese Need Spectacles- 50% High School/70% University

Interesting Study of Glasses In Japan Is there a difference in myopia and the need for sectacles in the East agianst the samein the West.  But look at the %ages of spectacles wearing – 50% of school children and 70% of university students.  And this film asks the question of whether this is related to the fact that the Japanese work in micro sunjects – both art and new electronics. Interesting.

Does Your Child Need Spectacles?

It’s Hard To Tell If Your Kids Need Glasses Because… … kids don’t or can’t tell you what they can’t see because they either cannot talk or they don’t know what’s good or bad eyesight!  But you need to know because their eyesight can effect their learning – with any of the usual eyesight problems such as near-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hypermetropia) or astigmatism (distorted image). SO here’s a few things to look out for… (and always ask for professional help) [1] Unusual: EG squinting (when one eye looks out or in more than the other – and occasionally up/down)/excessive blinking/rubbing of the […]

Monkey Monkey Kids Sunglasses

But They Look Like Grown Ups Sunglasses… Having done a little piece on Fabris Lane & their sunglasses empire*, I thought I’d follow up on the fact that they own and promote Monkey Monkey, a whole brand for kids’ sunglasses, I thought that the sunglasses would be fun.  Search… Boots… picture of usual sunglasses (see left) … boring… one pair only!  Also £20 price ticket boring too – not too much (for kids afterall); not too little (proper lenses/protection etc) Then I did see the second pair which made a bit more sense to me because they were at least trying to be […]

More On Glasses ~ Spectacles Image

From A Survey Of Attitudes Towards Spectacles I picked up the gist of this from a forum site*, where the idea was to cheer up spectacle~wearing spekkie four~eyes!  I’m not sure that this is exactly the sentiment but nor am I sure that this is the best way to start off.  Anyway, the author argued that when we were kids (or even later on!) specs were not cool and your playground image was damaged by poorly chosen or designed spectacles.  Now of course the reverse can be true and if well chosen and well designed (and this DOES NOT mean […]

Famous Four Eyes: Harry Potter & His Glasses

Are There More Famous Glasses/Spectacles for Under 16’s? One of the most established, experienced and most reputable bespoke spectacles & glasses makers (and repairers) in England who does a lot of work for the film business was telling me how little credit he gets for his craft… so here’s a tribute to him – James Berryman of Premiere Opticals – and to his craft. (I’ll come back to Premiere because there’s a lot more to tell!  See previous post.  A fascinating business from a spectacles point of view!  (PS Check later posts for a new website from Premiere Optical in November […]

Spectacles News: Myopia from Staying Indoors!

Indoors Causes Short-Sightedness enough to Need Spectacles in High Percentage… As seen in The Australian The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Vision Science is saying that kids should spend two or three hours a day OUTSIDE to help stop thm becoming short-sighted.  The good news (or te bad news for those who want to preach against it!) is that computer games and TV is not material in this.  It’s the being indoors and not being exposed to daylight which is critical in the development of the eyeball.  If I understand right, it’s the daylight which limits the growth of the eyeball […]

Eye Surgery Vs.Wearing Spectacles

Lasik Eye Surgey site perpetuates stigma of wearing glasses  I’m no expert on vision or eye surgery but I find it interesting that academics are rolled out to campaign for eye surgery.  I’m not for or against – just a commentator!  I guess that those publishing these comments are [a] selling eye surgey and/or [b] have a genuine interest in helping those with vision impairments.  Hopefully both! This was seen on the site for Lasik surgery: Marjorie Rah OD, PhD, FAAO, New England College of Optometry, lead author of a report from the Adolescent and Child Health Initiative to Encourage Vision […]