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Making a Spectacle…

Vanessa Feltz, SWOTY & Spectacles Blog’s Spectacles

Vanessa, a good sport, dancing and wearing my specs… I bumped into the friendly celebrity at the Spectacles Wearer of the Year (SWOTY) and actually persuaded her to try my specs. The glasses (in my picture here) on the right are her own and the ones on the left are mine. She was very happy to swap specs for fun. Then, within days, she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing – not wearing glasses at all – but hopefully she was still having fun. And then she got knocked out of the dancing competition before I could get this piece up. […]

Self Portraiture: Making A Spectacle of Yourself

How hard is it to photograph yourself in glasses… I thought I’d write a last piece about my new spectacles fropm Reykjavik Eyes before it seems like I’ve written too much on one maker… But what to say that I didn’t say in the post about when I first liked them, when they sent me some but I couldn’t get them glazed, or in the last post about getting them glazed (and that included some lovely pictures of the detail)… So I thought I’d show myself in them. So checking through my pictures, I realised just how hard it is to photograph […]

Reykjavik Eyes… Meanwhile…

While I Await My Reykjavik Eye Screwless Specs… As regular readers may know, I am in receipt of some fantastic new frames from Reykjavik Eyes and while I’m waiting for them to be glazed (my fault, I haven’t posted them to the Leicestershire specialist yet) I thought that I’d show you these Reykjavik Eyes concept frames, which as they say are the “antithesis of screwless eyewear” ! I have to be honest that I don’t know quite what they mean by “concept”! Is it something that they’re working on or is it a bit of a joke to prove how […]

Smarties Spectacles

Smartie Pants in Specs Oh look at this guy in his least favourite specs. He probably wonders how I got him to put them on to put on Spectacles Blog. I think I just asked… He should have known better. I think they were his specs but I don’t think he wore them. Maybe he was keeping them for when he was hungry.

John Lennon Glasses ~ This Time In £5 Coins

You Can’t See Through These Spectacles… Premiere Optical who make wonderful spectacles frames – bespoke off-the-shelf or custom made glasses – have been asked to make these by the Royal Mint who are promoting their new £5 coin.  I’ve not seen the publicioty but managed to get hold of this picture of the special spectacles.  I wonder what they will do with them afterwards. Of course Premiere Optical claim to be able to make just about anything in the spectacles line so these were a piece of cake. But like lenses made of cake – you can’t see through them… This […]

HM The Queen In 3D Spectacles

Royal 3D Specs With An Extra Royal Touch I know that it isn’t news but for those of you who never saw this… And the this is a pair of 3D glasses with an extra touch of royal glamour. What makes them special is the “Q” on the side of the frames. Apparently the Queen’s personal assistant, Angela Kelly, had the letter Q made in Swarovski crystals and attached to the 3D spectacles.  Surely, it should be ER. This was all in Pinewood Studios, Toronto, Canada, to view a 3D film. John Reeve, a 3D maestro (a stereographer no less) with the […]

New Spectacles By Premiere Optical

Get A Look At These “Ricky” Glasses More details on these a little bt later but if you’re interested in different and wonderful glasses these are the dog’s spectacles! I’m coming back with how much if you can buy them at all. Meanwhile check the other handmade spectacles at Premiere now…

Specs & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll… ©

Nothing to say about Spectacles… …I just wanted to write that down before any one else did. I’ve searched Google and it’s not there so maybe it’s the first time it’s been written down.  It means very little to me but it would be a good name for a optician baron’s autobiography…  Or a famous rock ‘n’ roller who happened to wear specs (Buddy/Elvis C/John Lennon) and ideally to be defined by them… Or …  You tell me. Meanwhile it’s added the spectacles puns on the specspert page

Spectacles & Glasses Puns & Word Play

Bad Spectacles Jokes: It started recently when all the papers had Kelly Brook in her knickers for Specsavers:  Every one had the “specs appeal” headline. Was that a phenomena of creativity or lazy journalism with the headline coming from the PR with the pictures and the sub imagining that headline would stand out – against the fifteen hundred identical ones! So I wondered what the rest of the standards were in the spectacles archive of hilarity and bad word play. I’m starting this now with two openers, one from the above and one new one Specs appeal Frame & fortune […]

Spectacles To Be Made From Cucumber Skin

New Bio “Glasses” Lenses Fabricated And Through Technical Testing Stages Of Development Following other previous notes about bio friendly lens and spectacles frame making, the R&D arm of Dutch lens makers Komkommer has announced its new lens made entirely from the skins of cucumbers.  The strengthened bio-material uses the actual skin which has undergone natural heat & chemical treatments to make it into the perfect inexpensive and completely natural optical product. Although the benefits of cucumber has been long known for the actual eye and dark circles around the eyes for many centuries, no-one has used the product as a lens before.  […]