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Making a Spectacle…

Spectacle Sewer Spectacle

A “Specs Appeal” Story from India Info.com Listen to this – about Bollywood star Riteish Deshmukh who thinks a lot of his fans.  According to India Info “Riteish has been touring the country and has been promoting his film Jaane kahan Se Aayi Hai across various cities of the country and during one such tour, there was a mini stampede and one of his fans got her spectacles falling into a sewer”.  The next bit’s the hard to believe bit… “He jumped into the sewer and rescued the spectacles. It was quite a surprising moment for many who watched the scene”. Rather him […]

Lost & Found Spectacles

Have You Lost Your Glasses & Never Found Them Or Found Them Somewhere Peculiar? Another thing that I read all the time in my search for the optical novelty, is the throwaway line in someone’s story or article mentioning the loss or the finding of their spectacles – especially reading glasses which seem to get lost the most.  Recently the best find was in the deep freeze!  An old entry on Spectacles Blog was abou a pair found in a sack of coffee from Guatemala. It reminds me of the joke abot the research assistant (or is it  true story?) when […]

Spectacles Burglar Upside Down In Wheelie Bin

A Picture Of This Would Have Been A Spectacle… I read that a spectacles thief was found upside down in a wheelie bin with half a dozen pairs of spectacles in his hand and was covered in small bits of broken glass – which proved to be his down fall. A nearby neightbour had phoned the police about the incident and police found the guy in a wheelie bin with the spectacles. It was only then that they noticed the smashed window at nearby opticians.  He’d obviously smashed the window and grabbed the specs. What happened next is specuation (spectaclation?)… but it’s […]

Buzz Lightyear Goggle Spectacles Get Pages Of Comments

It’s Saturday morning and my kids are all bigger now (we don’t get any pictures like this anymore) and I saw this on a site called “What’s That Smell” / Accidental Mommies blog site and I though that for those that like the cute…here it is.  This picture has received five pages of admiring comments from readers of said blog – mostly including the word “cute”! But they are great spectacles – Buzz Lightyear goggles in fact. I might just have to get some for myself now.

Duck In Spectacles

Not A lot To Say And Not A lot Of Point… Except That There’s Spectacles Involved As seen in various places on the tinternet… a duck wearing spectacles…but not really the right way.  I understand that it’s not the thing for humans to wear their specs around their neck. The duck was pulled from the litter filled Leeds Liverpool canal in Accrington, Lancashire.

Art Spectacles

Kenyan Artist Makes Spectacles For Fun & Notariety Cyrus Kabiru has a show on in Nairobi with ten pairs of his handcrafted spectacles, displayed on a rack as though they were in a retail outlet like an opticians.  But this is art.  It’s certainly craft… each frame is hand wrought out of wire and each pair of “lenses” is made from left over materials from some other manufacture. The 24 year old artist has been fashioning spectacles since he was small and fancied a pair of glasses like his friend.  The first pair in response, were made from copper wire.  His […]

Stay Awake Spectacles

Make Your Own Spectacles Video From You Tube I’m not sure how many of you will want to follow this advice or to go the whole hog and make some of these glasses which make it look like you’re awake when you’re asleep.  But it ‘s got a good feel to it and the avoidance of any common sense makes it worth a look.  Enjoy… “>

Heart Shaped Spectacles…

… and rose tinted glasses and shades… all in one! I told you that you’d see Marcos again, and here he is though this is not his wife to be – she’s someone else’s wife but she was there and the bride had already been evaporated away to be fresh for the big day. Now these specs are the ones that yours truly had his wedding photos done in – much to the distress of the school-mistressy regstrar. And that was 17 years ago.  the specs are still in the same condition as then!

Famous Four Eyes: Benny Hill

Famous Spectacles Wearer Hill’s Fred Scuttle’s Specs for Sale The wire-rimmed glasses – along with the distinctive navy blue hat – props used by Benny Hill’s Fred Scuttle are up for auction. The character,a  security guard was a regular on the Benny Hill Show in the  1970’s – well known for his silly salute and his glasses. The glasses (and other items) are being sold by a private collector who bought them after Benny’s death in 1992.  Benny became famous, surprisingly in USA, much to the surprise to many of his fellow Brits who never believed his humour would travel. […]

More French Spectacles Display

Hearts & Minds Spectacles & Basketball Sunglasses More French imagery & imagination that you dont tend to see in the spectacles & sunglasses retailer in the UK!  Two pairs in one opticians that I thought worth capturing… One pair just fun (big round plastic sunglasses with diamonte and hearts – all in one pair of inexpensive sunglasses) displayed on grass. The second pair are just mad (and in a country not reknowned for basketball – but well known for a distaste of things American).  Basketball shades!  Witty but how useful or likely to be sold… but who cares. Unlike so many retailers […]