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F1 1970’s Racing Sunglasses

Rush film sparks interest in 70’s racing shades… I saw a piece in the printed press – though it was from shortlist.com which [a] has a lot of spectacles related items – to which I will return, thank you* and [b] doesn’t seem to have the article I saw in the press version (where did I get it? It must have been an insert into something else?) Anyway the piece was about seventies racing shades and four pairs were listed. All “names” (Carrera/Safilo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari and Ray-ban) and all quite expensive in my mind for something your dad […]

Brigittte Bardot Sunglasses at The Decorative Fair

 Classic Sunglasses from the 1950’s & 1960’s At London Battersea’s Decorative Antiques Fair yesterdayand on one of the new stands and a little off the side of the normal furnishings and decorative arts was a wonderful collection of late 20th Century ladies accessories like handbags and jewellery. Amongst this and what caught my eye were these two pairs of sunglasses. The blue pair were labelled “exceptional Limited Edition Sunglasses, representing the most famous movies of Brigitte Bardot (Babette 1959 and Maria (1965)”. The second pair, I’m afraid that didn’t catch the label. I was so busy trying to get good […]

Spectacles Blog Right & Wrong About 3D Specs

Prescription 3D Glasses on the Cards… I have long campaigned in favour of 3D specs on Spectacles Blog but not the new ones you now get at the cinema – and if reports are true, will be available in prescription soon, as these by Oakly… I still like the blue and red lenses of the old fashioned 3D specs.  Check out previous 3D spectacles stories on Spectacles Blog. So I have right in predicting 3D specs becoming top fashion but wrong in the red/blue versus boring old grey solution…

More on James Dean Spectacles, Sunglasses & Glasses

It seems that time doesn’t dampen the ardour for Mr Dean and in our case for his spectacles.  Many many visitors to Spectacles Blog come looking for James Dean’s spectacles/ sunglasses or eyeglasses. What I don’t know is if the searchers are looking for James dean in glasses or in sunglasses.  The last time we showed the famous four eyes, as above link, we showed him in specs – and he wore quite a few pairs in different styles which we must come back to; so this time it’s in sunglasses.  He really is a cool guy.  But it’s been about […]

Michael Caine Ipcress File Spectacles

How To Get Glasses You’ve Alway Wanted… “I always wanted a pair of glasses as worne by Michael Kane in the ipcress file. I live in Victoria Australia in Melbourne and would welcome advice how to go about this”.  So wrote David from Melbourne, Australia. The ones worn in the Ipcress File are like those in the David Bailey shot seen on Spectacles Blog before and these ones from Michael Caines site, captioned “Classic”. I can only repeat my previous advice that you go to Premiere Optical and look at the hand made “blades” range (is the Luke as on the right […]

Kate Hudson’s A Stunner In Shades

Just For The Glasses Picture…  I don’t normally just put pictures up without comment but I have no recollection of from where this comes.  All I know is that it’s kate Hudson and she’s wearing shades and she looks good. Any more writing from me would just be filling space… PS I just couldn’t bear to know so little so I tracked down the image – from Nine and people who watch entertainment fashion say that the film’s costume designer Colleen Atwood used snglasses by Cutler and Gross London -style 0886.  So there!

Al Pacino In Spectacles On Set

“You Don’t Know Jack” in Character Specs… I don’t know about you but sometimes you see a picture of someone and it just looks wrong.  I know tht Al Pacino is older now but these spectacles still don’t  seem to work as “attractive”.  He may be in character: I know nothing about this film – its period or its characters – so there may be a good reason for them***. If not then it may be fashion over looks because they neither suit him nor enhance his looks. The film is “You Don’t Know Jack” here being filmed on location […]

Famous Four Eyes: Austin Powers’ Sexy Spectacles

Funnily Enough Not Much Call For These Glasses Normally when you look up a film star’s spectacles (especially sunglasses) or some spectacles which are stars in their own right (because they’re so sexy), Google delivers a great long list of stores claiming they’re theirs or that they sell some like them. NOT SO with these glasses which are more 50’s than 60’s in some ways.  In the lists, they’re predominantly joke shops or costume hire shops.  The conclusion being that the specs – in themselves – are not sexy but funny… like Austin Powers himself I guess. Curiously enough, the only other […]

Not Embarassed About Her Spectacles

Sunglasses & Glasses: All In A Week’s Work For Hayden Panettiere While everybody else is worried about her having dinner with an un-identified 45 year old man, we’re only interested in her spectacles!  You can read the gossip elsewhere I’m sure.  But it looks like the paparazzi are busy on her coat tails this week.  It means that we get two pictures – with the sunglasses – looking for anonimity? – and then in her glasses, trying to cover her face.  Surely she’s not shy or ashamed of her glasses.  We didn’t even know that she wore glasses:  And all […]

John Lennon Spectacles Look A Fluke Accident

Lennon’s Round Specs Look (“grandpa-style glasses) “Happened by Accident” I’m sorry but I cannot recall where I got this news from but… It has been reported that “John Lennon’s signature look with grandpa-style spectacles happened by accident, a Spanish Beatles researcher has claimed”.  It all happened, according to Adolfo Iglesias, during a stay in the city of Almeria, Spain in 1966, whilst filming a movie. In the movie, they wanted him to wear specs and because he kept losing them between takes, he just ket them on all the time and presumably liked the look. It’s a look that of course has endured – or […]