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Specialist Glazing Lab in Leicestershire… Shepshed

Finally someone to glaze my special new glasses… Meet Shepshed Optical. They are the one place that I finally found could confidently glaze my Reykjavik Specs specs. The specs themselves are so fine and sophisticated (bendy, unbreakable and hinge-less) that to put lenses in is quite a risky business. The lenses have to be strong and they have to be fitted carefully. My usual resources failed me. That’s me by the way, on the left, in my tinted prescription pair: Not Shepshed, as the line above may imply! Awkward photographing oneself… Usually (why is that), I don’t show my face […]

French Spectacles Sponsorship

Giant Glasses on Tour… Lookie here… on the Tour de Limousin in France last week with all the pre-cyclists promo cavalcade dishing out free-stuff and promoting themselves by driving and honking the spectators… and there they were a giant pair of spectacles atop one of the promo cars. I would have cropped this picture so that you could read the sponsors name (Vision Plus) but I like the gendarmes in the foreground too much. The whole race (the cyclists) pass in about a minute (plus one or two stragglers) but the cavalcade takes over an hour (with a break albeit) […]

New Spectacles: Do You Need An Eye Test?

Spectacles Blog Reports… Last week Spectacles Blog had an eye test, after receiving a reminder from Specsavers. The great thing was that it cost just £10 with the reminder letter.  Excellent value. The normal cost of an eye test is £22 at Specsavers.  Why then do 43% of the people who need specs not get regular eye checks? Apparently 13% of adults give cost as the reason. (Both stats from YouGov poll published this week.) The tests are free for kids, over 60’s and for some adults on an NHS basis… Specsavers do a pretty comprehensive test including a tanometer (a couple of […]

Puplillary Distance For On-Line Spectacles

Spectacles & Glasses Retailers Helping Like Mad With PD Measurement… One of the reasons people may site for going to a high street optician is that they like them to be fitted.  Now Spectacles Blog has no side to take because we’re just interested in spectacles, glasses and sunglasses and not necessarily where to buy them.  We do talk about on-line retailers but we also talk about high street retailers and opticians. And we talk about makes and brands of glasses and sunglasses too.But when you decide, if you do, to buy specs on-line then we want you to be […]

Spectacles Oscars = Silmo Paris Mondial de l’Optique. Any dissenters?

On Spectacles Blog, I made a throwaway comment about the Oscars for Spectacles, Glasses, Sunglasses etc and I was immediately emailed about this by some spectacles fans (from Australia).  The Silmo d’Or awards are deemed to be the closest you get to the Oscars in the optical world.  Of course this may be up for debate… Are there any dissenters? Check Silmo details here – the expo is of course bigger than the awards; one of the most massive trade fairs…  See the video below for a flavour. The actual awards which have been going since 1994 are in such categories as […]

Specsavers Australia: A Personal View…

Spectacles Blog Catches Up With Old Friend… Specs & All… My friend Mark who went to Australia several years ago, as an osteopath, to make a new and certainly different life for himself and his family had a thing or two to say about Specsavers today.  I’d finally phoned to say hello and check they weren’t flooded in all the recent floods we’d seen on the news.  He’s just been 50 and you know that most people of that age now wear specs.  40 years old is pretty much the age when wearing glasses becomes, if not the norm, a […]

Michael Caine Ipcress File Spectacles

How To Get Glasses You’ve Alway Wanted… “I always wanted a pair of glasses as worne by Michael Kane in the ipcress file. I live in Victoria Australia in Melbourne and would welcome advice how to go about this”.  So wrote David from Melbourne, Australia. The ones worn in the Ipcress File are like those in the David Bailey shot seen on Spectacles Blog before and these ones from Michael Caines site, captioned “Classic”. I can only repeat my previous advice that you go to Premiere Optical and look at the hand made “blades” range (is the Luke as on the right […]

Kelly Brook Sexes It Up For Specsavers Spectacles

Famous Four Eyes: Famous Front I’m not sure exactly what’s the news but I think that it’s that Kelly Brook is to front the next Spectacles Wearer Of The Year. Do you think they call it swoty – surely that’s just the image they’re trying to lose as in swotty! Not that Kelly looks swotty…  But it does give the tabloids a chance to mention “Specs appeal”. First there’s some sexy pictures available on-line from a shoot. Here’s two of them – but the emphasis is head to toe rather than on the glasses. Then there’s news that she is to front (she’s […]

Specsavers Two For One Prices Down To £69

UK Market Leader Spectacles “Even Better Value” in 2010 For most of this year the UK’s Specsavers have had better prices than last year.  I was waiting for a big splash in the media to mention it but it never seemed to happen.  The prices right across the range were prudently pruned but no media splash.  Some designer frames (with lenses) are down to £99 for two pairs, including Red Or Dead, FCUK and French Connection (aren’t they the same?*). And the higher index thinned lenses came down too – quite significantly – with prices from £40.  That should be popular. But […]

Specs Related Surveys & Good Advice Abound

Specsavers PR Machine in Overdrive Hey listen, I don’t mind… it gives us more copy but I thought it worth noting how good the PR machine is! One line is the driving & accidents – reported in the Mirror on-line amongst others and just about every local or regional paper where accidents were either the best of the worst.  Very clever from a coverage point of view but also clever because it’s relevant.  Drivers should have eye tests and should have the right spectacles. The articles tell us that “One third of British drivers could be on the roads with […]