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Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses – or readers – are spectacles or glasses that generally have a magnifying benefit but don’t necessarily have a prescription. Some reading glasses are just prescription glasses for reading. Reading Glasses can be bought without prescription, based on the magnification eg +1.5

Don’t Lose Your Reading Glasses

Magnetic & colourful reading glasses… On a chain I had a spam comment punting the following so I’m in two minds about promting it. maybe I’ll tell you where you can see them but not give a link (that’s what the spammers want). So go to cuckooland dot com if you’re interested. You can see the idea on the right. reading glasses on a chain… on  amagnetic base. Supposedly you never lose them by leaving on the desk or bedside table or in the kkitchen, or wherever. They come in different colours and they come with no base for less […]

LookieLous Hairband/Reader Spectacles

If you haven’t seen these you may not be interested… and I can’t blame you. They are an idea but then they are quite expensive and not particularly attractive. And they come in no choices as far as styling goes. They do come in three strengths of reading glasses. They do come in different colours but they don’t picture these in situ. See http://www.lookielous.com if you want to know more

Odd Comment At Spectacles Blog: Jane Contact Us Again!

Minimalist reading Glasses… Spectacles Blog received the following recently on a post about spec’s image. “I need to distribute really trendy nonexpensive light minimalist reading glasses, men and womens, square rectangle oval lenses leather temples no more than 4us fob or so. new designers welcome” I don’t know what to do with the comment. Any ideas? Jane, what did you mean and who did yu ean to write too or are you a dreaded spammer?

Reading Glasses On The Other Half

Did Blue Dots Ever Look So Lovely… Here are the “Dot” readers from Reading Glasses Shopper on the OH.  And the cute thing is that they come with a little soft, draw string bag in matching pattern. Like them? Then don’t forget to enter the eye-glasses competition by leaving a comment on “what you should be reading in your reding glasses”.  See original details on the retailer as earlier on Spectacles Blog

Spectacles Blog Competition: Win Your Choice Of Reading Glasses:

Would You Like Good Value Reading Glasses: Or FREE Reading Glasses! Just Answer One Spectacles Question… For good value reading glasses you can visit Reading Glasses Shopper. I tested a pair “Dot” and they’re cute (on my wife!) While you’re there chose any pair you’d like to WIN in our Spectacles blog competition. Visit ReadingGlassesShopper to see what they’ve got. Then just answer one question… What Should You Be Reading In Your Reading Glasses? Please send answers to Spectacles Blog via email or make a comment on this post.  A winner will be announced by 22nd December 2009.  The winner will be he […]

Spectacles Blog Trials Reading Glasses Shopper

Sunglasses “Fit-Over” Spectacles And Value Reading Glasses On Their Way For Review I’ve ordered two pairs of spectacles from Reading Glasses Shopper – well sort of spectacles…  and sort of ordered… The first is a pair of reading glasses called “Dot” in Blue for just $13.56 which I want to try on the wife.  The trouble is that she doesn’t need specs – or so she thinks, because she’s never had an eye test. But I want to see her in readers as I think it’ll make her look good. I’ve ordered the weakest power prescription of +1. The second item […]

Trendy Reading Glasses On~Line

I saw these at a brand new website TrendyGlasses which I think just came on line today or yesterday.  They are all about reading glasses ~ spectacles and seem to have a pretty good range at pretty good prices. These reading glasses (“readers”) are part of their Rhinestone collection with crystal* in the frame.  They cost $28.97 with prescription lenses.  They don’t show the size though. *Did you know you can even get golf shoes with Zwarovski crystal now – check out Golf Shoes Blog

Goo Goo Designer Half Frame Glasses

Spectacles & Reading Glasses at Reading Glasses ReadingGlasses.com: They say they are the biggest in the world for designer reading glasses. (Well I used to work for a company [nothing to do with spectacles or glasses] who were not the biggest in anything [except possibly being fools!] and they spent a year trying to find out by what definition they were the biggest – either by combining products or by excludng them – and they could have used the time in improving their product which would have been more important and more productive!) Anyway let’s give Reading Glasses the beneftit […]

Special Amber Computer Reading Glasses

Forster Grant New Range of Glasses & Spectacles A new range of prescription “PC Eyes” computer reading glasses has been launched bt Forster Grant to reduce eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches and a host of other problems triggered by regular use of computers. The spectacles lenses are in Amber AC Aspheric The special computer reading glasses, say GF “have optical quality, lightweight distortion free lenses, specifically created to relieve the wearer of the effects of computer vision syndrome…  The special amber tint reduces the amount of harmful blue light emitted by computer screens and bright office lighting. This combined with a glare reducing […]

New Sun Reader Glasses For Sunnier Days

Unfortunate Name for Sunglasses: NEW Sun Readers These glasses from Forster Grant look good and are a good price (£12.99/$18.99) – the only shame is the description “Sun Readers”!  What about readers of The Guardian or The New York Times; they won’t want to be seen as Sun Readers. Joking aside, they’re a good idea for the outdoor type or the holiday-maker with 100% UV protection and prescription lenses (bi-focal so only the bottom half) in these sun-reading-glasses.  Ready to wear in 4 prescription strengths.  One size fit all though – they’re uni-sex.  There are two other styles – Cruise & Shore