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Theo Eyewear – Great Looking… But More To Follow

Who’s Heard Of Theo Lunnettes? During my “quiet spell” recently, Spectacles Blog has been bombarded with emails about Theo and a sunglasses brand/designer called Tim Van Steenbergen – or is it vice-versa? The glasses look good but I have to digest all the emails and see what’s what.  I didn’t know that Antwerp was the centre of such fashion when it comes to sunglasses… More soon once I’ve fallen victim to all the promotional emails (and they in themselves are quite smart. A lesson in email marketing).

Kate Hudson’s A Stunner In Shades

Just For The Glasses Picture…  I don’t normally just put pictures up without comment but I have no recollection of from where this comes.  All I know is that it’s kate Hudson and she’s wearing shades and she looks good. Any more writing from me would just be filling space… PS I just couldn’t bear to know so little so I tracked down the image – from Nine and people who watch entertainment fashion say that the film’s costume designer Colleen Atwood used snglasses by Cutler and Gross London -style 0886.  So there!

Recession/What Recession? $4,000 Sunglasses

Higher Priced: Higher Spec Spectacles From Oakley I read somewhere recently that the glasses & sunglasses maker Oakley, known as fashionable (in a young man’s world) but not necessarily as a traditional “luxury” good maker is going against the tide (discounting and lowering prices) by adding more expensive products to its stable of products.  Previously they had been the one firm very noticeably introducing hi-tech into eye-wear through electronic add-ons. Last year, Oakley introduced the “C Six,” a $4,000 pair of sunglasses made from 80 layers of carbon fibre that “mould to your face”. (But they don’t play music – for that price, […]

See The Entire Bugatti Eyewear Range Here

Are These The Most Searched For Spectacles?  They Seem To Be Here… Spectacles Blog seems to be viewed by one enormous group of people (as well as others of course) and that’s people who want Bugatti glasses – usually by searching for Heston Blumenthal (didn’t he do a good job at The Little Chef dispite the CEO!)  You can see our little history of Bugatti on Spectacles Blog. Do Bugatti pay this guy a commission… he must be responsible for so many enquiries… and every time he’s on TV we get more visitors! And everytime I go to look at […]

Tom Ford Spectacles Photography

Great Spectacles Photography From Designer Brand I, like many others I suspect, will enjoy this photo, aiming to sell the spectacles (glasses and sunglasses) of Tom Ford.  The great thing about this is that the spectacles stand out though in proportion they are the smallest of any pics we ever show. I hope that the ladies also enjoy this but if you want a little more hetero spice then go directly to the Tom Ford site and check the male nude in Tom Ford specs(eyewear), pristine buttocks and all. Tom Ford the designer head of this label which looks (fashion) […]

Spectacles Blog Posts In USA Today Debate about 3D Spectacles

Who Will Pay For All The 3D Specs In Movie Theatres? There was an article/arguement about the cost of 3D specs for all these new 3D movies.  I had to comment – as below.  You can see the whole 100+ comments with the original article “Fox wants theaters to foot the bill for 3D glasses”. My comment went as follows: “Reading this made me wonder if they couldn’t get 3D specs to become fashionable in their own right! I keep writing about them at www.spectaclesblog.com – partly because 3D is in the news all the time these days with the […]

Baci & Abbracci Designer Spectacles

We’ve Got To  “B” of in our A~Z of Designer Glasses These guys are not just sunglasses: they’re a fully blown Italian sportwear brand for adults & kids alike although they say their target market is 25-35 yar olds.  Targetting this group is claimed to be part of their success – with ruthless attention to style. Before we proceed onto eyewear and their sunglasses, I have to say that their beach wear is very sexy (as well as stylish).   I was sorry to leave that section of their site.  But you must look at their sunglasses (skipping watches and tubular steel […]

Johnny Depp: Famous Four Eyes & More So

Johnny Depp Seems To Be Adopting His Blue Glasses As His Signature Look We’re seeing more & more of Johhny Depp in his famous blue spectacles. We commented before about whether these magic blue spectacles were an aid to dieting But at the time we didn’t know that the glasses were to become such a regular occurence. Now, with the blue shirt and the blue suit they seem a natural for outings such as this appearance at another premiere for “Public Enemies! he really is becoming a famous four eyes.  Good.

More From Oakley Sunglasses – Women’s Disobey

Tortoiseshell & Green Oakley’s limited Edition Sunglasses are available in just about anything you want these days provided you pay for it of course.  (Why isn’t there the same style and variation in spectacles?).  These “Disobey” limited edition glasses alone are available in five colorways.  You can see them at £112.49 on the fashion sunglasses site. I’m pleading ignorance abou whetheryou can get these with prescription lenses becaus I don’t think the site is clear on this, though they do blurb about the finest quality optical lenses etc.

Gold & Wood Spectacles ~ Eyewear

Top End Spectacles Maker From Paris Another spectacles~ glasses & sunglasses maker that I’ve not heard of… and strangely I found them through a “green” site (Self acclaimed “Tree hugger”) because they use wood! Well they used to use wood – and almost only wood!  (The gold bit I still don’t know about.  Nowhere does it say there’s any gold in the glasses.) A french gentleman called Maurice Leonard, says their French Spectacles website, was captivated by fine woods, so he “embarked on a fascinating adventure in a small spectacle-making enterprise … Starting originally with all-wood or wood and silk, he set out […]