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Guess Who’s Going To Spectacles Wearer of the Year…!

Spectacles Wearer of the Year 2013, This Week… Is is Spectacles Blog’s charm, wit and style or is it personal connections… Or is the blog just so highly respected  internationally – or is that my tongue in my cheek? Nevertheless on Tuesday I’m off with camera and notebook to Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House to see the Specsavers awards and hopefully to hob-nob with the specerati ©. But what to wear? And importantly, what spectacles to wear? Should they be my Specsavers basic range (my everyday £25 pair which both do me very well and suit all occasions)  or my […]

Telegraph on Spectacles Image; Superman Again; Founding Fathers etc

Talking Of Men of Steel & Spectacles… Whilst reading about Superman and his glasses before (I just got round to publishing that Superman Famous Four Eyes post, but wrote it months ago), I came across an even older article at the Telegraph about Spectacles’ image and the statement they make. We always like a discussion about the image of glasses/spectacles but to be honest I’m not sure that this article adds a lot but I did like the way he described them as props at one point. I also appreciaited his candour that identity was key in the choice of […]

Spectacles Image Goes The Full Circle

Fake Glasses or a Fake Story? According to both Luxotica and Specsavers there are a lot of fake glasses being sold. (One source said 10,000 pairs at SS last year.) And why? because of the image of being more intelligent. It’s the full circle isn’t it from NHS super-bully-able to chic super-employable. There was a picture of two girls in an Australian news-site wearing thick frames but they didn’t look like they were taking it seriously. The picture was credited to the Telegraph but I cannot find the story there. So maybe the whole thing was a PR puff in […]

Geeks & Spectacles Image Still Pervades

Look! A Heavy Pair of Glasses Frames… Must Be a Geek… I don’t know when this came out (it’s a TV series) but I just caught up with it; at least the image. PS The TV show’s been going since 2005! And I’ve just seen some “highlights” on You Tube. It’s the usual stuff, with some bikinis and yes most of the guys are wearing specs but that’s part of the casting I guess. Ohterwise it’s just the same with “tasks” and “ejections” though they tried to promote it as different and not a reality show. A social experiment it’s not! Or […]

Spectacles Oscars = Silmo Paris Mondial de l’Optique. Any dissenters?

On Spectacles Blog, I made a throwaway comment about the Oscars for Spectacles, Glasses, Sunglasses etc and I was immediately emailed about this by some spectacles fans (from Australia).  The Silmo d’Or awards are deemed to be the closest you get to the Oscars in the optical world.  Of course this may be up for debate… Are there any dissenters? Check Silmo details here – the expo is of course bigger than the awards; one of the most massive trade fairs…  See the video below for a flavour. The actual awards which have been going since 1994 are in such categories as […]

Girls In Glasses On Flickr

How Many Girls In Spectacles Are There? I picked up on this about a month ago and never posted it: Flickr is a site mainly for photos/pictures but now a “Group” called Girls In Glasses which now has 2826 members and 7255 photos posted. Boy, that’s a lot of girls in glasses.  Go see for yourself… I’ll have to trawl it properly (when I have time to look at over seven thousand pictures and then ask to borrow any really good ones. They also seem to have a vibrant discussion going on.  I wish people sent more comments to Spectacles Blog.  […]

The End Of Spectacles…

Scientists  Find Myopic Gene: The BBC Asks If This Is The End Of History For Glasses… According to the BBC “Scientists based in London have identified a gene that causes myopia and are confident that drugs could be developed to halt the distorted growth of the eye that brings about the condition. In about 10 years, shortsightedness could be cured through eye drops, says Dr Chris Hammond, who led the research at King’s College London”. I won’t rehearse the rest of the comprehensive arguements and discussions because you can read the original piece at the BBC website. But I’ll bet […]

Famous For Eyes: Gok Wan & His Spectacles

Could There Be A Current UK Personality More Right For Spectacles Blog’s Famous Four Eyes? Reading a recent article on The Times Online I was struck by the fact that Gok has not blessed our Spectacles Blog pages before with his presence in our Famous four Eyes section.  In that article, the photo of Gok by Giles Hattersley (as seen below) is so much better than on one of Gok’s site – where they sell his fashion collections of shaping underwear and lingerie – but no spectacles or glasses. Given his background as a meticulous fashionista and given the tremendous control of his outfits […]

Kelly Brook Sexes It Up For Specsavers Spectacles

Famous Four Eyes: Famous Front I’m not sure exactly what’s the news but I think that it’s that Kelly Brook is to front the next Spectacles Wearer Of The Year. Do you think they call it swoty – surely that’s just the image they’re trying to lose as in swotty! Not that Kelly looks swotty…  But it does give the tabloids a chance to mention “Specs appeal”. First there’s some sexy pictures available on-line from a shoot. Here’s two of them – but the emphasis is head to toe rather than on the glasses. Then there’s news that she is to front (she’s […]

A Film Called “Spectacles”

Quite a while ago, I got wind of a short film being made called “Spectacles”. I was intrigued of course and tried to find out about it.  This is what the website says… “Young, innocent, and cursed with poor sight, William Franklin invents his own remedy to seeing the world in a better light.  As he struggles with his poor condition, his invention and his new friend shows Will a world he never knew existed.”  It’s a film for a degree, I think.   By Li Zhu. The web site doesn’t give too much away and is free of any clues […]