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Vitamins for Eyes… That’s New… At least to me…

Am I in Select Specs Bad Books? See here…! I had an email recently from Select Specs… It was the ordinary punter one.  They don’t seem to want to talk to me anymore directly about frames and propmotion. Shame because I’d picked out a couple of frames I really wanted to review… Vits & Supplements… See here also?! Anyway, the email today was all loaded with their specs but at the bottom of the page there was a bunch of special vitamin courses for eyesight. The header claims a range of vitamins & minerals to keep eyes healthy and maintain […]

New Spectacles: Do You Need An Eye Test?

Spectacles Blog Reports… Last week Spectacles Blog had an eye test, after receiving a reminder from Specsavers. The great thing was that it cost just £10 with the reminder letter.  Excellent value. The normal cost of an eye test is £22 at Specsavers.  Why then do 43% of the people who need specs not get regular eye checks? Apparently 13% of adults give cost as the reason. (Both stats from YouGov poll published this week.) The tests are free for kids, over 60’s and for some adults on an NHS basis… Specsavers do a pretty comprehensive test including a tanometer (a couple of […]

Spectacles Blog Comments

Affordable Glasses For The Third World Update & Ruminations Spectacles Blog left a comment on a comment piece by Claudia Deutsch where she wondered why first world folk couldn’t access either the Josh Silver glasses or the Mt Kok/Focus Specs being developed for the third world? There they have no access to eye tests or expensive dispensing.  See the article in situ and the original NY tmes piece which spurred her on. We have reported before on these spectacles for the third world developments…  Meanwhile a transcript of my comment on her comment. “A few things Claudia… [1] You’re starting the wrong way […]

And When You’re Buying your £400 Spectacles, Spare a Thought…

Good Works In The Spectacles ~ Glasses Spheres Of Influence… Whilst Spectacles Blog pretty much failed to come up with anything amazing to contribute to Blog Action Day (which was calling for action on global warming) I also missed the advance notice of World Sight Day Challenge…  This was very much an inside-industry chance for fundraising. Vision Aid Overseas joined forces with Optometry Giving Sight to raise funds on World Sight Day 2009. This partnership is part of the World Sight Day Challenge – a global fundraising event that asks optical professionals and businesses to contribute towards the development of […]

Eye Care For Spectacles ~ Glasses Wearers

Natural Ways for Glasses Wearers to Avoid Computer Eye Following a comment that we received from Dr Marc Grossman, on the post about special amber glasses to help avoid computer-generated eye strain, I’m attaching his you Tube Presentation.  Follow the links in his comment for more information. I know that this is not strictly spectacles but it is of course help for our readers who wear spectacles~glasses.  May you have happy and healthy eyes!