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A Bit Off The Beaten Track for Spectacles Blog… I was going to write some time ago about spectacles cases.  I’d had a lead and a man from a major glasses case manufacturer was going to get back to me but didn’t.  So I never wrote it.  Where are you? I was going to dsicuss the virtues of soft vs hard; plastic vs metal or leather; designed or plain.  And of course give a plug & a link… But… just for now, I’ll pose a question: Who has ever bought a special case for their spectacles? And who just live with the one […]

“Your Spectacles Repair Cost Saved Me A Small Fortune On Buying A New Pair”

Spectacles Blog Has Just Done It’s First Press Release I have just done a press release on line – partly as a tester to see if it works.  (After I submitted it I see they want money to do it “professionally”.  Any way the release went like this… “I don’t wear spectacles (yet!) but I run a magazine blog site called Spectacles Blog.  I’ve been amazed by the industry since being on its fringes in the last year.  Firstly the variety of the spectacles (and sunglasses): Secondly the range of prices – surprisingly low to surprisingly high!: And thirdly that […]

Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary Part #4

All The Other Bits Of Spectacles ~ Glasses So far in the series of Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary we have only really touched on the lenses. Pt 1 (spectacles lenses overview); Pt2 (spectacles lenses types/vision); Pt3 (spectacles lens coatings).  So today… step forward… the other bits! The mechanical & the cosmetic bits!  What we call the frames! The best way to start is with a diagram. Any missing detail… I’ll add later. I’m excluding any historical types of glasses (pince-nez, monocle, and lorgnette, etc) Frames are mostly made from metal or plastic and this has nothing to do with the lenses being made […]

How Many Times Do I Read ” I Lost My Spectacles”

Spectacles Blog Challenge:  How To Keep Hold Of Your Spectacles or Glasses? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read the words “I then couldn’t find my glasses… I lost my spectacles… I can’t find my spectacles… I’ve lost my glasses AGAIN” etc etc etc … The top three miseading or distracting leads that I see (in my ever vigilant pursuit of the story about the new, the exciting or the different glasses or sunglasses) are [i] Rose tinted spectacles, [ii] Such and such was an amazing “Spectacle” and then [iii] I lost my spectacles and so on! The first is a […]

99% of All Spectacles ~ Glasses Repaired

“They Don’t Want Your Spectacles Repairs – We Do”, Says Glasses Repair Company Chief Finally this glasses repair company have a new website! I’ve been waiting for it to appear to give our Spectacles Blog endorsement to this service which sounds almost too good to be true. When spectacles/sunglasses/glasses cost from anything up to and above £200, to be told by most High St opticians that they cannot be repaired (and you should buy a new pair from them!), can be galling to say the least. So for a service to promote repairs from £9.99 (plus VAT and P&P) can’t […]

Old Broken Spectacles, Glasses & Sunglasses

Who’s Going to Repair My Glasses & Sunglasses? I’ve got a box full of broken goggles, sunglasses, glasses and spectacles – and some that aren’t broken but are just awaiting a fancy dress opportunity to be worn! (I’ve got another box of broken watches but that’s another story and I don’t do a watch blog!) I’ve been saving them for the day that I either march into Boots (or whoever’s) head office ranting and raving about the poor quality build and the money that’ I’ve spent over the years… etc etc …Or the day that I find a good repair service.  High […]

Eye Care For Spectacles ~ Glasses Wearers

Natural Ways for Glasses Wearers to Avoid Computer Eye Following a comment that we received from Dr Marc Grossman, on the post about special amber glasses to help avoid computer-generated eye strain, I’m attaching his you Tube Presentation.  Follow the links in his comment for more information. I know that this is not strictly spectacles but it is of course help for our readers who wear spectacles~glasses.  May you have happy and healthy eyes!

Spotless Spectacles

Ultrasonic spectacles cleaner This uses ultrasonic sound waves to remove dirt and dust particles without manual scrubbing or harsh chemicals. (Though it does use water.)  It claims to clean even the most delicate or soiled items. The cleaner also cleans precious metals, jewellery, gems, waterproof watches, CDs, dentures, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. If you fancy one ($69.95) follow this link

Don’t ruin your expensive designer glasses!

Glasses maintenance A few tips for keeping your specs in tip top condition… 1] If you can, wash them every day. Warm soapy water (washing up liquid) and a gentle rub with your fingers. Gets rid of tiny grime and grit and importantly any grease. 2] Wipe clean or dry with lint free cloth* – don’t use cloth which might have grit or grease or you’re undoing other cleaning and you may damage them. 3] Keep perfume and other “products” off the lenses and the frames as this may dis-colour or damage surfaces 4] Take your specs off with both […]

Quick Spectacle Fix

When your glasses lose the tiny screw… ..fix it with an earring as a temporary measure. So says a special “tips” column in the Star Press the Online News source for Indiana!