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Spam and Compliments for Spectacles Blog

The World of Spectacles & Glasses Never Rests… Well while I’ve been very lazy and not writing much on Spectacles Blog recently (some fatique, some disillusionment and some Xmas break), I come back to it to find the usual thousands of spam comments haven’t taken a rest. Most of these are caught by the spam filter and I don’t even look at them anymore, but some get through the filter and beg a reading. Most of these are spam too. The first point has to be that I should be flattered that people (machines, really) find the site and try […]

Vanessa Feltz, SWOTY & Spectacles Blog’s Spectacles

Vanessa, a good sport, dancing and wearing my specs… I bumped into the friendly celebrity at the Spectacles Wearer of the Year (SWOTY) and actually persuaded her to try my specs. The glasses (in my picture here) on the right are her own and the ones on the left are mine. She was very happy to swap specs for fun. Then, within days, she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing – not wearing glasses at all – but hopefully she was still having fun. And then she got knocked out of the dancing competition before I could get this piece up. […]

Spectacles Wearer of The Year #1

Jenny Eclair: Famous Spectacle Wearer & Comedienne… The first spectacles-wearing sleb I captured at the big spec bash last week was Jenni Eclair… who said when she  briefly viewed the picture on my camera, that it was the best picture of her ever. I think that might have been an exaggeration but even if I so say myself (in support of Jenny), it is quite good. See pic on left… I guess the best ones she will like most are the ones from her website, where she’ll have total control. See the photo on the right. Jenny’s latest big black spectacles […]

Specialist Glazing Lab in Leicestershire… Shepshed

Finally someone to glaze my special new glasses… Meet Shepshed Optical. They are the one place that I finally found could confidently glaze my Reykjavik Specs specs. The specs themselves are so fine and sophisticated (bendy, unbreakable and hinge-less) that to put lenses in is quite a risky business. The lenses have to be strong and they have to be fitted carefully. My usual resources failed me. That’s me by the way, on the left, in my tinted prescription pair: Not Shepshed, as the line above may imply! Awkward photographing oneself… Usually (why is that), I don’t show my face […]

Vintage Round Glasses From I Need Spex…

  Edwardian Spectacles in Gold, Library Tips & All… Well, I found these lovely looking specs online and I ordered some and they are quite delightful – at least to a the spectacles specerati, like me – with their elegant “library” temples and small round lenses and lovely soft gold colour finish. You can find them too here at I Need Spex When I talk about library temples, it means that they are straight without the bent hook over the ears… Why? So that you can easily slip them on and off when studying in the library (where you’d find all […]

Kirsten Flipkens Prescription Sports Spectacles

Spectacles Blog Shamefully Short on Sports Spectacles & Glasses info… Oh of course we’re all wise after the event aren’t we…?! Everybody knows Kirsten Flipkens and  everybody knows that she plays top level tennis in prescription glasses… And yes Ms Flipkens (I love the name), has just got through to the quarter finals at Wimbledon 2013 and may go further.  And I’d not seen her before… I, of course, was keeping a close eye on her specs during her match. After, the gloriously slimmed down commentator Lindsay Davenport  was kind enough to inform us that her glasses were prescription – […]

Reykjavik Eyes… Meanwhile…

While I Await My Reykjavik Eye Screwless Specs… As regular readers may know, I am in receipt of some fantastic new frames from Reykjavik Eyes and while I’m waiting for them to be glazed (my fault, I haven’t posted them to the Leicestershire specialist yet) I thought that I’d show you these Reykjavik Eyes concept frames, which as they say are the “antithesis of screwless eyewear” ! I have to be honest that I don’t know quite what they mean by “concept”! Is it something that they’re working on or is it a bit of a joke to prove how […]

Spectacles Just Won’t Stand Still!

New List of Designer Spectacles.. or Not?! Over four years ago I published a list of over 100 designer glasses brands which I found on one Italian retailer’s website. That list didn’t include sunglasses-only brands either, if my memory serves (which it doesn’t always). Then a year ago I was going to publish an updated one but I never got around to it… partly because I kept thinking it was out of date and then I didn’t want to count them all to make sure that I quoted an accurate number of brands on the list. Anyway, I thought it […]

Good Value Replica Prescription Glasses

Can I have a pair of these glasses please? I saw these replica Edwardian glasses quite a while a go and asked the company who is selling them (I need spex.co.uk) if I could have a pair to review (quality, wearability, durability, etc.) and they never replied to my email. I really wanted to try these and would have put them (and me) onto Spectacles Blog, but without the glasses, I can’t. I’m sure that I would have said nice things as I fancy these… Anyone out there from I need spex?

Help Me Identify My Sunglasses…

Too Late Sunglasses… Sorry Camiel Some time ago (I’m embarrased to tell you how long – it’s all the blooming spam I get… it means I miss the real stuff), I recieved an email from the Netherlands with a picture and the following message: “Dear Tate,  about nine months ago, I bought a pair of second-hand sunglasses which I thought looked exceptionally cool. I wore them whenever the sun gave me the slightest excuse to do so. Alas, I recently broke them. I went to the second-hand shop where I bought them, but they did not have any sunglasses that […]