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Jee Vice Specs Split Personality or Clever Clogs?

Lies, Damn Lies & Spectacles PR As you’d expect, masquerading as the specerati as Spectacles Blog does, we get the PR puff from all the ambitious brands – of which Jee Vice is one. They sent the picture below of Britney Spears (who, to be honest I wouldn’t have recognised). They say in their brief and annoying puff… “Reigning pop music princess Britney Spears was spotted wearing Jee Vice’s Crybaby frames earlier this week”. See image below right.  Now there’s many things to criticise… [a] is Britney “reigning”, I don’t think so – but what do I know?!, [b] they […]

Oldest and Only Spectacles Frame Maker in the UK…?

Spectacles Like The Used to Make Them! The BBC just ran a report on their news magazine about a firm – Wisemans –  at the Algha Works factory in Fish Island, in east London which still uses the same machines that they imported in 1932. They claim they are the only glasses frame manufacturer in the UK but I know a few who’d want to dispute that! That’s not their only claim to fame as they made spectacles for many of our famous four eyes – Harry Potter and John Lennon to name two. The machinery came to east London […]

How Could We Forget Clarke Kent’s Spectacles

Superman in Glasses… Un-recognisable! Another famous spectacles wearer is of course Clarke Kent aka Superman (copyright Warner etc..). How could we forget… But we did, so here he is… (as Clarke Kent – Superman in disguise). I was going to start a discussion on how foolish  people were, not to recognise him… Not just specs though is it… it’s the personality as goofball as below, right. But it’s pointless as it’s fiction. Like the joke about What did Tarzan say when he saw a herd of elephants thundering over the hill? Answer “Look there’s a hurd of elephants thundering over […]

Sports Specs, Specs Kits, Lost Links…

What the Spec? I had the below image in my drafts for future publication – for when there’s nothing to say about specs that’s topical or has grabbed my attention. The trouble with that practice is that I build up a huge number of drafts. I’m afraid that’s laziness on my part but is also due to the fact that I only ever see the list of drafts whenever I write a new post… which means that the old drafts aren’t going to get published that day. Anyway enough about me… What about this image. That’s a good question. It […]

Reykjavik Eyes Again…

Having put up a post last week about Rey… (goodness what a hard word to spell if you’re not from Iceland) ..etc Eyes, they kindly  got in touch with Spectacles Blog and sent me more pictures with real people in looking great in their specs. Even better (he says selfishly) they’re going to send me one of their one piece frames. NO screws and NO hinge to go wrong. Perfect timing as my then-current everyday specs of which I was fond j,ust broke at the hinge. It’s either glue them or put in the never-ever do pile. It’s probably the […]

Choosing Spectacles & Glasses: By Clothes Not Face

Over the years we’ve said a lot (often cribbed from other sites and info by those who have studied this at some length) about how to choose spectacles to suit you – see Choosing Spectacles category for lots of angles including eye shape/face shape/make up etc etc… But then two things happened [1] sod the rules became a more popular philosophy and [2] people buy more specs So why not choose them for your colour outfit. I have a couple of pairs of glasses which I leave in the cars – colour co-ordinated. So in the purple car I have […]

Select Specs Clip Ons… Tom Ford… Etc…

All Quiet on The Spectacles Front… But The Wait Is Over… It’s been some time since we mentioned our favourite inexpensive spectacles retailer – Select Specs. And even though they pretty regularly send me and thouands of their other customers one or two emails a month, Ive not used them recently. I didn’t need any more specs for a while you see. But we have a new car (extra, what!) and I like to keep a pair of glasses in any car I drive to stop that foolish rush back in through the door (unlocking, locking) and the humiliating “forgot […]

New Spectacles Site

Great Looking Spectacles Pictures on Reyjkavik Eyes As so often an email turns up with either too much or too little info… but I guess it did the trick as I’m talking about it. This particular email said there was a new website for Reykjavik Eyes: The trouble is I didn’t know about the old site [a] if there was one or if it was any good or very different. (And it included a picture like the one shown here which is what caught my eye. There’s the start of another spectacles based pun.*) Spectacles pictures need faces I haven’t […]

Brigittte Bardot Sunglasses at The Decorative Fair

 Classic Sunglasses from the 1950’s & 1960’s At London Battersea’s Decorative Antiques Fair yesterdayand on one of the new stands and a little off the side of the normal furnishings and decorative arts was a wonderful collection of late 20th Century ladies accessories like handbags and jewellery. Amongst this and what caught my eye were these two pairs of sunglasses. The blue pair were labelled “exceptional Limited Edition Sunglasses, representing the most famous movies of Brigitte Bardot (Babette 1959 and Maria (1965)”. The second pair, I’m afraid that didn’t catch the label. I was so busy trying to get good […]

LookieLous Hairband/Reader Spectacles

If you haven’t seen these you may not be interested… and I can’t blame you. They are an idea but then they are quite expensive and not particularly attractive. And they come in no choices as far as styling goes. They do come in three strengths of reading glasses. They do come in different colours but they don’t picture these in situ. See http://www.lookielous.com if you want to know more