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Good Value Replica Prescription Glasses

Can I have a pair of these glasses please? I saw these replica Edwardian glasses quite a while a go and asked the company who is selling them (I need spex.co.uk) if I could have a pair to review (quality, wearability, durability, etc.) and they never replied to my email. I really wanted to try these and would have put them (and me) onto Spectacles Blog, but without the glasses, I can’t. I’m sure that I would have said nice things as I fancy these… Anyone out there from I need spex?

New Spectacles Site

Great Looking Spectacles Pictures on Reyjkavik Eyes As so often an email turns up with either too much or too little info… but I guess it did the trick as I’m talking about it. This particular email said there was a new website for Reykjavik Eyes: The trouble is I didn’t know about the old site [a] if there was one or if it was any good or very different. (And it included a picture like the one shown here which is what caught my eye. There’s the start of another spectacles based pun.*) Spectacles pictures need faces I haven’t […]