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Self Portraiture: Making A Spectacle of Yourself

How hard is it to photograph yourself in glasses… I thought I’d write a last piece about my new spectacles fropm Reykjavik Eyes before it seems like I’ve written too much on one maker… But what to say that I didn’t say in the post about when I first liked them, when they sent me some but I couldn’t get them glazed, or in the last post about getting them glazed (and that included some lovely pictures of the detail)… So I thought I’d show myself in them. So checking through my pictures, I realised just how hard it is to photograph […]

Reykjavik Eyes Again…

Having put up a post last week about Rey… (goodness what a hard word to spell if you’re not from Iceland) ..etc Eyes, they kindly  got in touch with Spectacles Blog and sent me more pictures with real people in looking great in their specs. Even better (he says selfishly) they’re going to send me one of their one piece frames. NO screws and NO hinge to go wrong. Perfect timing as my then-current everyday specs of which I was fond j,ust broke at the hinge. It’s either glue them or put in the never-ever do pile. It’s probably the […]

New Spectacles Site

Great Looking Spectacles Pictures on Reyjkavik Eyes As so often an email turns up with either too much or too little info… but I guess it did the trick as I’m talking about it. This particular email said there was a new website for Reykjavik Eyes: The trouble is I didn’t know about the old site [a] if there was one or if it was any good or very different. (And it included a picture like the one shown here which is what caught my eye. There’s the start of another spectacles based pun.*) Spectacles pictures need faces I haven’t […]

Brigittte Bardot Sunglasses at The Decorative Fair

 Classic Sunglasses from the 1950’s & 1960’s At London Battersea’s Decorative Antiques Fair yesterdayand on one of the new stands and a little off the side of the normal furnishings and decorative arts was a wonderful collection of late 20th Century ladies accessories like handbags and jewellery. Amongst this and what caught my eye were these two pairs of sunglasses. The blue pair were labelled “exceptional Limited Edition Sunglasses, representing the most famous movies of Brigitte Bardot (Babette 1959 and Maria (1965)”. The second pair, I’m afraid that didn’t catch the label. I was so busy trying to get good […]

German Designer Spectacles x2

I’ve come across two new spectacles sites (new to me) which I guess I was alerted to – in a comment I think so it was probably from a PR somewhere. But both are intrigueing and both have some great glasses… Both are German. Hot Frost: Great glasses but music too much… The Frosts seem to be a family firm with Paris and Marion Frost leading the way in slightly Austin Powers way, but hey I love the spectacles in many shapes and sizes but none of them really holding back. Not glasses for the shy and retiring… The only […]

Girls In Glasses On Flickr

How Many Girls In Spectacles Are There? I picked up on this about a month ago and never posted it: Flickr is a site mainly for photos/pictures but now a “Group” called Girls In Glasses which now has 2826 members and 7255 photos posted. Boy, that’s a lot of girls in glasses.  Go see for yourself… I’ll have to trawl it properly (when I have time to look at over seven thousand pictures and then ask to borrow any really good ones. They also seem to have a vibrant discussion going on.  I wish people sent more comments to Spectacles Blog.  […]

Rimless Specs & Painless Price…

Select Specs Spectacles Do The Job Very Well Thank You… Bearing in mind that someone chased me to see these rimless spectacles (how did they know the code?) I thought I’d better show them.  But first apologies for the delay in putting them uphereon Spectacles Blog. There was no delay in the specs arriving but as you may see from the dates of the recent posts Spectacles Blog went into serious neglect for a while.  I just got all specked out… I took these pictures of someone else in the specs – my face just doesn’t live up to being […]

Famous For Eyes: Gok Wan & His Spectacles

Could There Be A Current UK Personality More Right For Spectacles Blog’s Famous Four Eyes? Reading a recent article on The Times Online I was struck by the fact that Gok has not blessed our Spectacles Blog pages before with his presence in our Famous four Eyes section.  In that article, the photo of Gok by Giles Hattersley (as seen below) is so much better than on one of Gok’s site – where they sell his fashion collections of shaping underwear and lingerie – but no spectacles or glasses. Given his background as a meticulous fashionista and given the tremendous control of his outfits […]

Kelly Brook Sexes It Up For Specsavers Spectacles

Famous Four Eyes: Famous Front I’m not sure exactly what’s the news but I think that it’s that Kelly Brook is to front the next Spectacles Wearer Of The Year. Do you think they call it swoty – surely that’s just the image they’re trying to lose as in swotty! Not that Kelly looks swotty…  But it does give the tabloids a chance to mention “Specs appeal”. First there’s some sexy pictures available on-line from a shoot. Here’s two of them – but the emphasis is head to toe rather than on the glasses. Then there’s news that she is to front (she’s […]

Spectacles Photgraphy Perspective Discussion: Please Help!

Spectacles Blog VS Premiere Optical: Glasses 3/4 Angle Or Full Frontal? I’m having a discussion with Premiere Optical who sent some pictures to their web developer – as you may know I have a hand in this area, on their behalf so I’m involved in the discussion. I think that the photos which show the spectacles best (bearing in mind that they’re hand made and need to look a bit special), are the three-quarter angle shots.  Premiere think the full frontal pictures are better.  You can see how they 3/4 angle ones look as they are on the site at […]