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PS (Including Mr Johhny Depp) on 1970’s racing sunspecs

Famous Four Eyes Johhny in Famous Racing Style Specs After publishing the piece on 1970’s shades/sunglasses, itself following the film Rush, here comes Johnny… Here (seen somewhere, wearing some other stuff… etc… see various sleb mags), he is in distinctively 1970’s shades. I have to wonder why..? He’s not a follwer of fashion – more of a setter. So why wear something so obviously fixed in a avogue and then ignore the vogue. Is the juxtaposition the trend? The specs just don’t go with the gear. The specs themselves are reportedly nothing to do with our dear English/British film but […]

F1 1970’s Racing Sunglasses

Rush film sparks interest in 70’s racing shades… I saw a piece in the printed press – though it was from shortlist.com which [a] has a lot of spectacles related items – to which I will return, thank you* and [b] doesn’t seem to have the article I saw in the press version (where did I get it? It must have been an insert into something else?) Anyway the piece was about seventies racing shades and four pairs were listed. All “names” (Carrera/Safilo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari and Ray-ban) and all quite expensive in my mind for something your dad […]

Kirsten Flipkens Prescription Sports Spectacles

Spectacles Blog Shamefully Short on Sports Spectacles & Glasses info… Oh of course we’re all wise after the event aren’t we…?! Everybody knows Kirsten Flipkens and  everybody knows that she plays top level tennis in prescription glasses… And yes Ms Flipkens (I love the name), has just got through to the quarter finals at Wimbledon 2013 and may go further.  And I’d not seen her before… I, of course, was keeping a close eye on her specs during her match. After, the gloriously slimmed down commentator Lindsay Davenport  was kind enough to inform us that her glasses were prescription – […]

Sports Specs, Specs Kits, Lost Links…

What the Spec? I had the below image in my drafts for future publication – for when there’s nothing to say about specs that’s topical or has grabbed my attention. The trouble with that practice is that I build up a huge number of drafts. I’m afraid that’s laziness on my part but is also due to the fact that I only ever see the list of drafts whenever I write a new post… which means that the old drafts aren’t going to get published that day. Anyway enough about me… What about this image. That’s a good question. It […]

Cricketers In Spectacles

Spectacularly Unlucky Batsman Sehwag What a very odd spectacles story in India Today on line which lists the bad luck of Indian batsman Virender Sehbag and/or his spectacles as two possible reasons that he was stumped. To be honest I cannot quite understand how he got out but I think either the bowl or his deflection of same threw the ball into theair and Sehwag couldn’t see it in the air whilst it rather flukily dropped onto his stumps. Out!  Shane Warne & Alan Border, commentating, called it bad luck. I guess one reason that the story had some news […]

Polaroid Suncovers ~ Sunglasses

Polaroid Sunglasses Innovates… Shades For Your Specs Did I never post this???  I guess not.  So speccy sloppy! Please refer back to the Polaroid Suncovers PS when I forgot to mention that I was getting a Polaroid equivalent – seen here at top of picture. Check the Polaroid site for details. Now they’re supposed to be for those of us who wear little spectacles or want to read with their specs in the sun.  And they work great for that.  I use mine for driving (I don’t wear specs for reading) Because I can whack them on over my glasses […]

ESS Oakley Authorized Military Eyewear

Is This Sexy Eyewear Or Only For The Military-Minded… Spectacles Blog received a PR puff last year and never got around to publishing the piece… Never mind, here’s some of it For Glasses, Goggle and Specs With Combat In Mind… Click here … Eye Safety Systems (ESS) was “pleased to announce that two new ESS products were added to the Department of Defense Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL)” – the Joint Service Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry in Springfield, VA, USA. “The ESS Crossbow™ Spectacle Kit and U-Rx™ Prescription Insert join the Profile NVG™ and Land Ops™ goggle systems as […]

SunDog Sports Glasses On Their Way – But Where’s The Sunshine?

Mela Technology In Sports Glasses OK, so the kind people at SunDog are sending me a pair of “Flight” sports glasses with their Mela lenses – which give 100% protection from UVA, UVB & UVC and have hi-tec light filtration… which I will describe when I get to wear them.  Just reading about it makes your brain hurt but I will give the details when I’ve worn them in the sunshine… Talking of which: Where is the sunshine?

Sun Dog Sports Glasses: Spectacles/Eyewear

SunDog Eyewear at London Golf Show We’ve mentioned Sun Dog a couple of times before (See Spectacles Blog) and also in connection with Paula creamer the golf/fashion sensation…  Well I was at the London Golf Show the other day and met briefly with the  people on the stand and they said that Terry would be in touch with some sports shades for a test drive. So, we await Terry’s suggestion.  I asked about the suitablility to other sports, not just golf but I also await a more full response, though you can check their website for this info yourself, should […]

Spectacles Blog Meets Shane Warne… As You Do

And A Brief Interview About Sports Sunglasses… Very Brief. When you meet someone like Shane Warne you’re grateful that they give you the time of day, aren’t you.  Well, we were sitting having lunch in a hotel in Jaipur (which just happened to be housing the Rajistan Royals).  So who should appear two tables away but Mr Shane Warne himself.  He was delightful to the family and let us get a photograph… Generous with his time and with his charm. I asked him if he wore one pair of sports glasses or preferred one make and he was not committed […]