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Tag Heuer Sports Glasses

Panorama View Of Panorama Spectacles Another post that I’m afraid I saved before my last break… and I can’t think what I was writing about (or talking about?) The glasses look very good and very unusual – probably because of the difficulty of manufacture. Rimless, wraparound with a bridge fashioned at the centre of what is a pretty wide (180 degrees) and uninterrupted view. I’m sure that Tag Heuer are very proud of these and they deserve a bit more of a thoughtful review… so I’ll have to come back later.  Are they sunglasses?  What else? Watch this space. PS I have […]

Sports Glasses And Sun Specs All In One From Polaroid

Sun Covers Have It Covered (Your Spectacles At Least) “Poised and ready for action”, they say… and Polaroid are pretty excited about their new sun covers too. They give you give you complete protection above below and to the sides of your eyes, over your prescription spectacles. Polaroid say they’re also lightweight, comfortable and very practical – but we shall see as I’m going to test drive them.  Watch this space… I’m not sure what sport I shall be doing in them – if any – but the good thing is that the detachable head band keeps them on and in place. […]

Is It Ski Goggles & Sunglasses Season Yet?

Spectacles Blog is Staying at Home This Winter But The Rest Of You May Now Be Looking For Your Winter Sport Sunglasses or Eyewear… It’s still early Autumn really and people are still in their summer/autumn sunglasses – see Jo’s RayBan Club Master Sunglasses as being worn just last week.  But I can see the very first signs of the winter sports and winter sports gear – as in spectacles, sunglasses and sports goggles – just starting to creep in at the periphery of people’s consciousness. And as far as Spectacles Blog is concerned, I want to punt the sort […]

Fishing Prescription Spectacles & Sunglasses

Whilst On The Subject Of Sporting Spectacles & Sunglasses… Fishing-prescription-spectacles-slash-sunglasses Whilst reviewing the sites that John told me about (see Prolific Spectacles Commentator post) I found these shades for fishing, with interchangeable lenses.  They are prescription lenses first and then shades (I presume without the prescription but maybe not. You can see these and others at one of his many (Rapid) eyewear sites.

Polaroid Sunglasses Fight Back

Rapid Eyewear Comments on Spectacles Blog Spark Rapid Response My friend Laura at Polaroids has seen the Spectacles Blog post yesterday with all the various sports glasses comments from John and she’s not a happy spectacles bunny!  These comments are on the Why I Love Polaroids post. She says “Polaroid does offer a sports range with interchangeable lenses at www.polaroidsunglasses.co.uk/sunglasses/sports/running.htm so people can adjust to fast-changing weather conditions.  Also, our lenses are shock resistant and our frames are engineered for a close comfortable fit. I wear mine running and in-spite of of my ladylike “glow” polaroid sunglasses stay in place. […]

Why Don’t People Wear Spectacles (Goggles?) Like This No More!

1970’s or 80’s ski goggles come sunglasses I can’t date these but they were the bee’s knees whenever it was.  How different to today’s ski apparatus – or at least the fashioanble stuff you see for sale for the fashion conscious. Very kindly modelled for me by the unsuspecting Doug and accompanied by the delightful Chalky in slightly more modern eyewear. How old fashioned of her to be up todate.

Spectacles Blog at Blur In Hyde Park: Dog Sunglasses

Blur Greyhound In Sunglass Goggles: The Significance! Some of us were lucky (extremely lucky) enough yesterday to be in Hyde Park to see the Blur concert and with my new spectacles, I could see them beautifully clear of course! What got my eye (not literally) was the Blur publicity for the concert whch was the dog in his sunglass goggles.  Wanting to get a copy for Spectacles Blog, I searched and found that the original image was from Flickr where the delighted dog-in-goggles photographer (Daniel Green) had been asked by an agency if they could use the image for the Blur […]

Sundog Sunglasses & Sports Glasses

Mad Dogs And Englishmen Go Out In The Midday Sun – in Sundog Sunglasses When writing last week about Paula Creamer putting her name onto her range of spectacles (sunglasses really), I came across Sundogs.  And they make quite a few goodies in the way of specialist sunglasses and sports sunglasses.  They have obviouly got a corner of the market and sound like they know what they’re talking about. (More than I do.)  And the lenses have got all the blurb you need to know… In their own words “Sundog Eye wear has conducted extensive research, resulting in lenses with refined light transmission […]

Paula Creamer Sundog Sunglasses

Is Spectacles Blog Too Cynical About Names On Glasses… I was looking for new golf shoes worn by Paula Creamer for Golf Shoes Blog and I came across these pink sunglasses on a golfing site.  For those of you who don’t know, Paula Creamer is a fashion demon on the golf course, dressed delightfully in matching outfits of pink or yellow and she’s a good looking girl. On golf sites, these glasses are described variously as Sundogs/Genuine Performance/The Fierce Range and are said to be “inspired by Paula Creamer and features her favourite ‘Pink Panther’ Pink colour“.  The maker is Sundog Eyewear (and the Paula Creamer […]

Adidas Designer Glasses Frames

Re-working the A-Z of Spectacles and Designer Glasses I was just checking the 120 designer glasses brands in an older post and I thought that it was my public duty to work my way through the list and show some critical integrity and possibly just some mean spirited bitching!  And possibly even some praise, where due. The first “designer” brand on the A-Z list is Adidas.  Off to a few on-line stores to have a look and YAWN how boring can you get.  What’s the point of being a “brand” and then delivering something so remarkably unremarkable!  But that was […]