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Sunglasses: Shades

Who Wants To Promote Sunglasses?

15 year old with no eyebrows wants new sunglasses… Any Offers? For some bizarre reason (that people of my age don’t understand) Gabriel’s mates shaved off his eyebrows. He doesn’t seem to mind – it’s a badge of honour… So he doesn’t look too great at the moment – in my opinion. But more importantly he needs sunglasses – ideally Polarised – see the second picture, below. (Sunny today!) Now eyebrows and sunglasses don’t necessarily go together – though you can pick up the shape if you’re uber-specerati – but he does need them to [a] look better and [b] […]

PS (Including Mr Johhny Depp) on 1970’s racing sunspecs

Famous Four Eyes Johhny in Famous Racing Style Specs After publishing the piece on 1970’s shades/sunglasses, itself following the film Rush, here comes Johnny… Here (seen somewhere, wearing some other stuff… etc… see various sleb mags), he is in distinctively 1970’s shades. I have to wonder why..? He’s not a follwer of fashion – more of a setter. So why wear something so obviously fixed in a avogue and then ignore the vogue. Is the juxtaposition the trend? The specs just don’t go with the gear. The specs themselves are reportedly nothing to do with our dear English/British film but […]

F1 1970’s Racing Sunglasses

Rush film sparks interest in 70’s racing shades… I saw a piece in the printed press – though it was from shortlist.com which [a] has a lot of spectacles related items – to which I will return, thank you* and [b] doesn’t seem to have the article I saw in the press version (where did I get it? It must have been an insert into something else?) Anyway the piece was about seventies racing shades and four pairs were listed. All “names” (Carrera/Safilo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari and Ray-ban) and all quite expensive in my mind for something your dad […]

Help Me Identify My Sunglasses…

Too Late Sunglasses… Sorry Camiel Some time ago (I’m embarrased to tell you how long – it’s all the blooming spam I get… it means I miss the real stuff), I recieved an email from the Netherlands with a picture and the following message: “Dear Tate,  about nine months ago, I bought a pair of second-hand sunglasses which I thought looked exceptionally cool. I wore them whenever the sun gave me the slightest excuse to do so. Alas, I recently broke them. I went to the second-hand shop where I bought them, but they did not have any sunglasses that […]

Jee Vice Specs Split Personality or Clever Clogs?

Lies, Damn Lies & Spectacles PR As you’d expect, masquerading as the specerati as Spectacles Blog does, we get the PR puff from all the ambitious brands – of which Jee Vice is one. They sent the picture below of Britney Spears (who, to be honest I wouldn’t have recognised). They say in their brief and annoying puff… “Reigning pop music princess Britney Spears was spotted wearing Jee Vice’s Crybaby frames earlier this week”. See image below right.  Now there’s many things to criticise… [a] is Britney “reigning”, I don’t think so – but what do I know?!, [b] they […]

Brigittte Bardot Sunglasses at The Decorative Fair

 Classic Sunglasses from the 1950’s & 1960’s At London Battersea’s Decorative Antiques Fair yesterdayand on one of the new stands and a little off the side of the normal furnishings and decorative arts was a wonderful collection of late 20th Century ladies accessories like handbags and jewellery. Amongst this and what caught my eye were these two pairs of sunglasses. The blue pair were labelled “exceptional Limited Edition Sunglasses, representing the most famous movies of Brigitte Bardot (Babette 1959 and Maria (1965)”. The second pair, I’m afraid that didn’t catch the label. I was so busy trying to get good […]

Bamboo Spectacles

More Wooden Glasses, This Time in Bamboo There are various outlets for the Takemoto spectacles frames e.g. from Etsy from about £42, which seems pretty good. Available in sunglasses or prescription, if you send details… for extra of course. Different sellers send from Hong Kong or China but I’m sure there are others and if you search you shall find.  And of course there are different styles.  The ones shown are pretty Ray-Ban-esque. One small gripe (this week is the griping week, sorry) is that to get into one website to see these you have to sign in via FB. What a pain […]

Sunglasses & Prescription Sunglasses

Or… dare I say it… clip ons or over glasses? Someone came round today with a pair of redundant sunglasses and said she didn’t want them because they aren’t prescription and she now has prescription sunglasses. Was that they way in the past? I know I’m older and know more spectacles wearers these days but it does seem that people are shifting away from either one pair of specs for this and one pair for that – to one pair for all. Yes, you can have spectacles with three focusses (say, reading/TV/long distance) and they can be either polarised, tinted or transitional. […]

Spectacles Blog Likes These Sunglasses…

Ray-Ban Never Hide (Make A Spectacle, More Like…) Catching up a bit on the world of spectacles, glasses and sunglasses, I’ve only really picked up on these – via Australia, which makes sense. And I love them. Straight into the “wonderful spectcles” section! And some of the actual Ray-Ban glasses can be seen at their site here… but meanwhile one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses for some time are seen below. What I wonder is though is why a lot of the others in this range are black on the outside, keeping the colours inside the temples. It’s a […]

Victory Sunglasses for Polaroid Victory Sunglasses Contest!

Una Takes The Sunglasses Home… It’s A Good Look OK so the voting is in and the lovely Una as seen her in her victory lap, gets the prize. See previous Spectacles Blog post with contestant photos. Thank goodness that this photo is marginally better. But I have learned that some specs or sunglasses really do need a particular type of face to suit. Luckily we had one. Mind next time we’re going to do this in the daylight – sunlight even…