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Sunglasses: Shades

Cazal Eyewear! Wow-wee Zowie!

Maximalism Spectacles & Eyewear These eyewear guys & girls have a great line. I wish I’d been the copywriter for that one… Instead of the usual post modern “minimalism”, they have gone for “maximalism”. In fact they call it Pure Maximalism. And it’s great with only one caveat ~ that you like that sort of thing.  Whenever and wherever they can they add something to make sure they’re over the top, they do and then some. Designer Carl Zalloni, who gave his name to the company albeit in a chopped hybrid has obviously had a lot of fun. Their collections have men’s, […]

Scottish Break Sunglasses

I can see clearly now… sunglasses When I went to a wedding recently and met some interesting friends of friends, and as we sat outside our Scottish castle weekend retreat, there they were these fashionable people in fashionable sunglasses. I know that they are not new to the world but I was taken with these clear framed sunglasses partly because of the contrast with the grey glass.I like them but leaving my notebook at home, I didn’t get to remeber who’s sunglasses were they. (I know who is wearing them but I don’t know who made them.)

Polaroid Best Ever Sunglasses Collection

Spectacles Blog Likes the Retro Sunglasses: Do They Do Prescription? I came across this sunglasses collection recently on the web and rather liked the concept. (Unfortunately, they don’t do prescription by the way.) In addition to the range you can see here – featuring sunglasses from each decade, they have a competition to design your own and the winner gets theirs made. You have two months to enter… check the details here: Polaroid Sunglasses Design Competiton. Meanwhile, I got myself a pair – from the 40’s as second from the left, top row above. I’m trying to find who they […]

Stevie Wonder In The Ages Of Sunglasses

Should Spectacles Blog Be Able To Identify The Shades Of Stevie? Heck No. I just wanted to show these pictures after the write up the other day about Stevie Wonder and his sunglasses or shades. So I went looking through the ages and what do we get? [a] Definitely a reflection of the times with shades through the second half of the Twentieth Century and [b] a sign of the times in fashion and style – including haircuts, bearded-ness and moustache retro. Let that be a lesson to all of us. What goes around, comes around. Nearly all the looks are […]

Stevie Wonder: Famous Spectacles Wearer…

Wonder In His Sunglasses: Famous Four Eyes or Not? Now how’s this for a tricky subject when it comes to spectacles, sunglasses and our Spectacles Blog section on famous four eyes… First the background: You know we have a section on “Famous Four Eyes” so when I saw this picture on facebook, posted by Polaroid, I thought of course – how could I have missed someone this famous and this famous for wearing spectacles – albeit sunglasses – from Spectacles Blog and our special section. Then I backpeddled (mentally) and thought, well wait a minute… does Stevie Wonder count? Does […]

Polaroid Suncovers ~ Sunglasses

Polaroid Sunglasses Innovates… Shades For Your Specs Did I never post this???  I guess not.  So speccy sloppy! Please refer back to the Polaroid Suncovers PS when I forgot to mention that I was getting a Polaroid equivalent – seen here at top of picture. Check the Polaroid site for details. Now they’re supposed to be for those of us who wear little spectacles or want to read with their specs in the sun.  And they work great for that.  I use mine for driving (I don’t wear specs for reading) Because I can whack them on over my glasses […]

Some Expensive Top Brand Sunglasses that Spectacles Blog Likes: Hoorah!

Chanel CH 4164 at £250/$350 It’s quite unusual that Spectacles Blog likes those megalithic brand offerings because normally they’re fr the rich and not so young – or if young then showy and too brand conscious.  But these look good – here in black but also available in silver or grey-brown. I’ve no idea what similar shades might be from a non branded maker – about $12 – except that they wouldn’t have this detail, I’ve just seen at the temple.  The trouble is that now I don’t think I like them so much!

Designer Replica Sunglasses “InStyle”

Replica Sunglasses How Do They get Away With It? I can’t remember how I heard about these people – probably an alert for designer sunglasses. But now that I’ve been to see In Style Sunglasses (dotcom), it seems amazing that they get away with it. The D&G replicas which are shown here are $15.50. The site seems to promote the whole concept proudly using the word “replica” but the name “inspired” which is OK depending on [a] how close to the original is the design and [b] the use of the logo – or close “inspiration”.  It’s in the States […]

Theo Eyewear – Great Looking… But More To Follow

Who’s Heard Of Theo Lunnettes? During my “quiet spell” recently, Spectacles Blog has been bombarded with emails about Theo and a sunglasses brand/designer called Tim Van Steenbergen – or is it vice-versa? The glasses look good but I have to digest all the emails and see what’s what.  I didn’t know that Antwerp was the centre of such fashion when it comes to sunglasses… More soon once I’ve fallen victim to all the promotional emails (and they in themselves are quite smart. A lesson in email marketing).

D&G Oversized But Different… Hurrah!

Most Designer Spectacles & Sunglasses Leave Spectacles Blog Unimpressed But…  … I saw these and I thought “now at least they were worth designing”.  Other wise I have to say (though it won’t do me any good) that most designer glasses are unremarkable – they are either something else slightly different or something else slightly different with a brand name or logo and sometimes a design hook or catch. But these caught my eye: Ha another pun – unintended.  They are here shown in “Mirror Purple” but also come in black, grey/green and brown “havana” and they are D&G (with a four digit […]