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Vision Aid Overseas

Promoting Vision Aid Overseas who promote eye health in overseas countries

How Do Spectacles Help Fight Global Warming!

And How Can Spectacles Blog Help? Spectacles Blog was asked to join in Blog Action Day – which it’s glad to do. Not because it’s a band-wagon to jump upon but because the issue of global warming  – the chosen issue for blog action day 2009 – is close to the heart, as it is for so many people. I don’t want to argue the toss of every cause of warming but I do know that if we tinker with the elemets of the finest of coincident circumstances that gives our planet life, that it could end up being as dead as the other […]

Spectacles Blog Update: Vision Aid Overseas

20,000 pairs of Spectacles/Glasses To Overseas Charity It’s along time since Spectacles Blog mentioned Vision Aid Overseas (VAO).  To see more on their work with old specs & glasses on Spectacles Blog follow this link. But there’s a great story of a man in Diss, UK who has made such a significant contribution.  The Diss mercury reports “A Norfolk man has collected and sorted 20,000 pairs of glasses for charity, packing those that make the grade and shipping them to the third world for reuse”. “Derek Riley, a Rotarian from Palgrave, organises and empties the Vision Aid Overseas donation boxes at […]

Specsavers VAO promo

Worthy charity pushed by worthy supporter… See previous posts or find through Vision Aid Overseas “Category” on the right for more info…

Spectaclesblog Supports Blog Action Day

Please visit Vision Aid Overseas and think about how your old spectacles or your time could help them All bloggers have been urged to try and make a contribution in a field related to their blog sbject – so I am again urging people to visit and to help this worthy vision charity VISION AID OVERSEAS PS I am still awaiting a reply to my contact.  I will pick up the phone tomorrow & chase them!

Vision Aid Needs your Help & your Spectacles

What better charity for Spectaclesblog to support… As part of my early investigations into the world of spectacles, glasses and poor eyesight, I came across Vision Aid Overseas – from a press release about a local Specsavers store’s contibution – via the Burton Mail Vision Aid Overseas is a fascinating charity, helping people in the developing world whose lives are blighted by poor eyesight, especially where spectacles can help.  And that’s where you can help – with your old spectacles. Please visit their website page about recyling of your old glasses / spectacles. I will be discussing with VAO, about how www.spectaclesblog.com […]