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How Many Pairs of Spectacles Does Lady Gaga Have?

New and Very Interesting Spectacles (again) by Lady Gaga… Don’t get me wrong, I love to see people in all kinds of specs all the time. It makes writing about them a bit more interesting. I know that it’s just another form of publicity (what actually drags you  down when you do this) but at least it’s [a] fun and [b] different. Kindof… These wierd looking things were seen recently at an airport (doesn’t matter which) and when I tried to re-find them by searching “Lady Gaga in wierd spectacles” and in images, of course I got the whole range […]

Remarkable Spectacles on Huffington Post

I just saw an article on the Huffington Post site which paraded 13 remarkable pairs of specs. Some we’ve seen before and some were too “novelty” to show but two pairs caught my eye.  All the photos were from the tome below… Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion [Thames & Hudson, $50.00] The two frames I thought were worth showing are slightly different.Above, a piece of assymetry which catches the eye in every sense of the word… Below, the lips shaped specs from Lawrence Jenkin of Anglo American. What I really like is the little bit of tooth showing. I’d like to […]

Bamboo Spectacles

More Wooden Glasses, This Time in Bamboo There are various outlets for the Takemoto spectacles frames e.g. from Etsy from about £42, which seems pretty good. Available in sunglasses or prescription, if you send details… for extra of course. Different sellers send from Hong Kong or China but I’m sure there are others and if you search you shall find.  And of course there are different styles.  The ones shown are pretty Ray-Ban-esque. One small gripe (this week is the griping week, sorry) is that to get into one website to see these you have to sign in via FB. What a pain […]

Spectacles Blog Likes These Sunglasses…

Ray-Ban Never Hide (Make A Spectacle, More Like…) Catching up a bit on the world of spectacles, glasses and sunglasses, I’ve only really picked up on these – via Australia, which makes sense. And I love them. Straight into the “wonderful spectcles” section! And some of the actual Ray-Ban glasses can be seen at their site here… but meanwhile one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses for some time are seen below. What I wonder is though is why a lot of the others in this range are black on the outside, keeping the colours inside the temples. It’s a […]

Cazal Eyewear! Wow-wee Zowie!

Maximalism Spectacles & Eyewear These eyewear guys & girls have a great line. I wish I’d been the copywriter for that one… Instead of the usual post modern “minimalism”, they have gone for “maximalism”. In fact they call it Pure Maximalism. And it’s great with only one caveat ~ that you like that sort of thing.  Whenever and wherever they can they add something to make sure they’re over the top, they do and then some. Designer Carl Zalloni, who gave his name to the company albeit in a chopped hybrid has obviously had a lot of fun. Their collections have men’s, […]

Funky Spex Melbourne Australia For (What Else…) Funky Specs. Bespoke Made For You.

Great & Colourful Spectacles With a Sense of Humour Now these funky spectacles people should be supported (if you call a mention on Spectacles Blog support) because they send a real comment to us at Spectacles Blog (an article on bespoke glasses) with a link to their site. Most often it’s a machine that does the comment but I think this was a real person (Michelle, who actually owns the optometry business) and I checked it out (I usually check the links – other than the ones advocating help to grow one’s manhood). Anyway I liked their style and show […]

More A-Morir Wierd & Wonderful Spectacles

Spectacles Blog Lead Back To Gloriously Different Spectacles & Glasses At A-Morir… We’ve seen these imaginative people before on Spectacles Blog with a bit of show biz glitz and a bit of spectacles name-dropping…  I’ve just been following a round-a-bout link all the way back to them again and they’re still worth it. And I recommended them to you then… Did you go see? If not go now – to A-Morir by Kerin Rose and look at what glasses can be for the frivolous – but fun. The onky downside (not the price of $350 for these/if you want them, you want them… […]

Urban Spectacles New Website

Wood or Wooden Glasses/Spectacles A Go Go! I just had an email from my original and favourite wooden spectacles maker, Scott Urban.  Apart from his quality wooden glasses frames, he just seems to have an interesting outlook on life (and the use of capitalised letters in email). Check out the new Urban Spectacles site which has the whole range and past examples on view.  Glorious.  When will we see a UK wooden spectacles or glasses maker make something like this.  In the meantime I’m sure Mr Urban would post them to Europe…

New Spectacles By Premiere Optical

Get A Look At These “Ricky” Glasses More details on these a little bt later but if you’re interested in different and wonderful glasses these are the dog’s spectacles! I’m coming back with how much if you can buy them at all. Meanwhile check the other handmade spectacles at Premiere now…

Barracuda Shades – Not Spectacles Per Se…

Some Wierd And Wonderful Shades & Spectacles I’ve been on a website that’s quite new to me and there’s some wonderful stuff there. It’s called A-morir Kerin Rose (I think).  And the range of things to buy is for the confirmed Specarati© (some of whom you can see on Spectacles Blog in our Famous Four Eyes section – like Lady Gaga) These are the Barracuda as featured in Rhianna’s TV interview (Alexa Chung – I’ll get it from You Tube, to follow). Meanwhile on this site there are marvels for you to marvel at and for some to buy…  $500 […]