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Spectacles Photgraphy Perspective Discussion: Please Help!

Spectacles Blog VS Premiere Optical: Glasses 3/4 Angle Or Full Frontal? I’m having a discussion with Premiere Optical who sent some pictures to their web developer – as you may know I have a hand in this area, on their behalf so I’m involved in the discussion. I think that the photos which show the spectacles best (bearing in mind that they’re hand made and need to look a bit special), are the three-quarter angle shots.  Premiere think the full frontal pictures are better.  You can see how they 3/4 angle ones look as they are on the site at […]

Alexander Wang with Linda Farrow

Spectacles No, But Sunglasses, The Sexy Sister… Yes! I drafted this in February and I don’t know what I was talking about when I wrote that subheader. But I do know that I’m seeing these shades in Grazia and all over the tinternet.  They are spectacular and I will return with more info on these Alexander Wang cool, cool shades.  Watch this space…

Fantastic Glasses & Sunglasses Not In Australia

Spectacles for The St Moritz Crowd Spectacles Blog has had a comment from someone who [a] saw the post on the Gold & Wood (Paris) “Moon” sunglasses and [b] saw someone wearing them in St. Moritz.   They (sorry, Staphnie) didn’t get to buy any the glasses there but wants to know where she can now.  The trouble is – according to her .au email address – is that she’s in Australia where they have no outlets. I’m guessing (without looking at a map) that  Hong Kong may be the nearest…  Otherwise go East to the Ski resorts on Vail or Aspen. Last […]

JB Hand Mades: Spectacle Blog’s Hand Made Spectacles

Beautifully Crafted, Hand Made, Design Your Own Glasses I’ll come back on these hand made spectacles in more detail, but I wanted to get a picture up on Spectacles Blog to celebrate my first hand made glasses. I chose the frame and the lens tint and they made them.  I have to like the design don’t I… but the finish and crafting is beautiful.  Available from Premiere Optical –  they’re the JB Hand Mades… I have to declare some interest here as I’m helping with their website – where you’ll hopefully see my specs soon!

Finally A Website For Hand Made Spectacles Maker – But Not Enough Specs Yet!

Introducing JB Hand Mades: Glasses Ranges For Him, Her, Shades and Design Your Own It’s been along time coming and it’s not final and finished but it’s there!  A web site for Premiere-Optical to lay out it’s stall in the world of custom made and hand made spectacles, glasses and sunglasses – under the banner of JB Hand Mades (for “blades”,”maids”and “shades” just to rhymne the emphasis on hand made).  And yes, I’ve ordered a pair for myself in the most outlandish pattern plastic frames.  (The third down in the right column in the picture here.) Choose one of their frames and they […]

RayBan Club Master Sunglasses In The Sun

Jo’s Very Cool Retro Sunglasses Get A Last Golden Outing In The Autumn Sunshine A very proud but slightly shy owner of these fantastic sunglasses, Jo is.  She bought them because her grandmother (or was it her grandfather) had a pair just like it way back – which is a wonderful reason to get such wonderful glasses.  But at the same time she thought that they were the hit of the summer and that everyone had them and that they were not so special.  Well I hadn’t seen them before and I thought they were spectaclular. So I dragged her out into the […]

Arnette Sunglasses – For cool Dudes

More Spectacles Blog A~Z of Sunglass Design Still in the A’s of Spectacles Blog’s odessey of designer frames and sunglasses; but this is the last.  on to B’s next.  SO finishing the A’s with a cool flourish is Arnette. (Sounds like lunette.)  A quick visit to thier website to confirm they are indeed for th fashionable and style conscious. It’s a great sunglasses site if not a bit too clever for it’s own good.  But the shades are just the job with a wide range of plastic & metal frames and choices of clour lenses.  Who knows how much they […]

Mykita Spectacles Frames Without Screws!

German Spectacles Brand, Only 5 years Old (Thanks To Spectacles For Humans for first alerting me to these.) This brand of glasses cum sunglasses has made a simple virtue of having made screws and soldering and bits that break totally redundant.  And Mykita make a big design feature of the front corner of the temple.  Look at the two pairs shown here, the Ingrid (above – after bergman) and the Nico (below – after who?) with very dominant corners and hinges.  Originally (they only started 5 years ago!) all their frames were from flat steel.  the second collection was from acetate, as […]

Gold & Wood Prize Spectacles

The Star & The Moon Of Sunglasses When I found a spectacles maker new to me, last week and I showed a couple of pairs of their great looking glasses, I was saving a bit back, because Gold & Wood, the makers in question, are award winning spectacle makers and I wanted to show you some examples, as here today. Quoting from them, themselves, G&W “won its first Silmo d’Or for “Star”, a model in the sunwear category; this award symbolises the recognition of the entire profession for exceptional savoir-faire. Two further nominations in the same category followed in 2005 and 2006. The sunwear […]

Gold & Wood Spectacles ~ Eyewear

Top End Spectacles Maker From Paris Another spectacles~ glasses & sunglasses maker that I’ve not heard of… and strangely I found them through a “green” site (Self acclaimed “Tree hugger”) because they use wood! Well they used to use wood – and almost only wood!  (The gold bit I still don’t know about.  Nowhere does it say there’s any gold in the glasses.) A french gentleman called Maurice Leonard, says their French Spectacles website, was captivated by fine woods, so he “embarked on a fascinating adventure in a small spectacle-making enterprise … Starting originally with all-wood or wood and silk, he set out […]