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Bamboo Spectacles

More Wooden Glasses, This Time in Bamboo There are various outlets for the Takemoto spectacles frames e.g. from Etsy from about £42, which seems pretty good. Available in sunglasses or prescription, if you send details… for extra of course. Different sellers send from Hong Kong or China but I’m sure there are others and if you search you shall find.  And of course there are different styles.  The ones shown are pretty Ray-Ban-esque. One small gripe (this week is the griping week, sorry) is that to get into one website to see these you have to sign in via FB. What a pain […]

Urban Spectacles New Website

Wood or Wooden Glasses/Spectacles A Go Go! I just had an email from my original and favourite wooden spectacles maker, Scott Urban.  Apart from his quality wooden glasses frames, he just seems to have an interesting outlook on life (and the use of capitalised letters in email). Check out the new Urban Spectacles site which has the whole range and past examples on view.  Glorious.  When will we see a UK wooden spectacles or glasses maker make something like this.  In the meantime I’m sure Mr Urban would post them to Europe…

More Woody Spectacles (Or Wooden Sunglasses)

I Love Wooden Glasses Frames: More From Which To Choose A new woody specs site has come to my attention (sometime ago I’m afraid to say – before my “specation”).  It’s Shwood. Check it.  But – as opposed to previous sites and makers Spectacles Blog has drawn attention to before – I think this one only does sunglasses… Which means that everyone can shop there! (Unless you want prescription glasses or sunglasses – but you know what I mean.) These seem to have more sensible prices than other woody specs.  From £95 to £135 for polarised.  (Maybe – and I suspect -that […]

Wood & Horn Spectacles

A Sort Of Arts & Craft Furistism… I don’t know what it is about these spectacles that make me think of Thunderbirds, the 1960’s TV series.  It may be the fact that they’re combining a view of high-tech with a hand crafted execution.  Or it may just be that Joe 90 (Thuderbirds’ stablemate) wore something like these? Or could have done. The picture (photo: Tamino Petelinšek) came from a site called Big Creative Industries and the specs are designed by Domen Slana and crafted by Matija Hiršenfelder.  The site shows off  creativity from South Eastern Europe. The specs themselves are said to be […]

More Wooden Spectacles: We Like Wooden Spectacles!

From Wooden Specs Studio I love wooden spectacles as you can see from my many posts on Urban spectacles (or use the search facility) and more recently “shoulda” spectacles.  So I was pleased to receive a mail from another wooden glasses maker – as largely reproduced below. Pete writes “I saw your great blog (thanks) when I was searching the web and thought I would e-mail you about what I am doing!  I am launching a new line of wooden eyeglass frames that I have created under the name “Wooden Specs Studio”. As you will see on my Wooden Specs web site, my […]

New Urban Specs Spectacles ~ Glasses

My favourite Wonderful Spectacles Maker Makes More! I’ve been contacted by Urban Specs – they know that I’m a great fan of their spectacles because I told them so – with an update on their frames and theirnew plans.  Actualy it’s not they as such  – it’s he – Scott Urban Apart from a load of great new glasses frames – see three of them on the left – they have introduced new spring hinges and they are also involved in new designs – to combat the general mediocrity of the industry as they say (I’m paraphrasing…) On the hinges he […]

Urban Spectacles – Triple AAA glasses!

The most interesting spectacle of spectacles! Following a mention of a pair of hand-made wooden spectacles where the utlimate source was not identified, I tracked down the origin – urbanspectacles.Wow! What an amazing array of wooden glasses.  Not just one odd pair but dozens – in dozens of different woods and for dozens of clients.There’s even a pair of the wooden medieval glasses (as mentioned before) as appeared in the stained glasss window.  I guess these are reproductions, though the text is not explicit.Urban Spectacles are by Scott Urban who sees the world from Chicago, Illinois.  Prices go from $500 to […]