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Gallery of Readers’ Spectacles, Glasses or Goggles

Kasia’s Spectacles

Your Spectacles Long time no post… and is that for want of spectacles-related news, views or a boredom with the subject. So given that watching rugby (Six Nations) in a busy bar in Winchester may be more diverting (wearing my library specs as my current everyday specs)(having finally mashed up my normal day-to-day specs from Specsavers’s  * See below), I spotted a lovely pair of specs or was it a lovely face in  some specs that enhanced rather than hid it..? I did ask where the specs were from but after the required Guinness for the rugby, I forgot… ** […]

Help Me Identify My Sunglasses…

Too Late Sunglasses… Sorry Camiel Some time ago (I’m embarrased to tell you how long – it’s all the blooming spam I get… it means I miss the real stuff), I recieved an email from the Netherlands with a picture and the following message: “Dear Tate,  about nine months ago, I bought a pair of second-hand sunglasses which I thought looked exceptionally cool. I wore them whenever the sun gave me the slightest excuse to do so. Alas, I recently broke them. I went to the second-hand shop where I bought them, but they did not have any sunglasses that […]

Victory Sunglasses for Polaroid Victory Sunglasses Contest!

Una Takes The Sunglasses Home… It’s A Good Look OK so the voting is in and the lovely Una as seen her in her victory lap, gets the prize. See previous Spectacles Blog post with contestant photos. Thank goodness that this photo is marginally better. But I have learned that some specs or sunglasses really do need a particular type of face to suit. Luckily we had one. Mind next time we’re going to do this in the daylight – sunlight even…

Scottish Break Sunglasses

I can see clearly now… sunglasses When I went to a wedding recently and met some interesting friends of friends, and as we sat outside our Scottish castle weekend retreat, there they were these fashionable people in fashionable sunglasses. I know that they are not new to the world but I was taken with these clear framed sunglasses partly because of the contrast with the grey glass.I like them but leaving my notebook at home, I didn’t get to remeber who’s sunglasses were they. (I know who is wearing them but I don’t know who made them.)

Your Sunglasses: Spectacles Blog Snaps

Making Up For Lost Spectacles… You Spectacles & Sunglasses Wanted I’m always snapping people in their spectacles and sunglasses thinking that I’ll put them in the “Your Spectacles” section of Spectacles Blog – but I never remember and not being a journo proper, I forget to take details… (Nor does anyone else seem to want to send Spectacles Blog their own pictures. Do you…) So the picture here has a good pair of sunglasses but I don’t know the make or brand or nowt!  I’ll find out… (probably “Oh they’re just Top shop..” or similar.) She (the cat’s mother is […]

Philip’s Raybans

Sunny Smile Sunglasses This is Philip in his Raybans.  Don’t ask me what model or for any details… What do you think I am – an expert or one of the cognoscenti? I just thought that as he looked so happy and comfortable in them, that he should have his photo taken in them for Spectacles Blog… He knew less about them than I did – except that he liked them and didn’t want to take them off.

Reading Glasses On The Other Half

Did Blue Dots Ever Look So Lovely… Here are the “Dot” readers from Reading Glasses Shopper on the OH.  And the cute thing is that they come with a little soft, draw string bag in matching pattern. Like them? Then don’t forget to enter the eye-glasses competition by leaving a comment on “what you should be reading in your reding glasses”.  See original details on the retailer as earlier on Spectacles Blog

How About These As “Your Spectacles”

Revlon Glasses For Anonymous Lady I saw these on a blog site with a young woman proudly wearing these specs but when I went back to the blog it was by invitation alone.  So, [1] I won’t say where it is, [2] I won’t show the young woman in the glasses and [3] I can’t tell you any more about them, but if you like them you should be able to find some… (I tried to identify them but couldn’t on-line.)

Buzz Lightyear Goggle Spectacles Get Pages Of Comments

It’s Saturday morning and my kids are all bigger now (we don’t get any pictures like this anymore) and I saw this on a site called “What’s That Smell” / Accidental Mommies blog site and I though that for those that like the cute…here it is.  This picture has received five pages of admiring comments from readers of said blog – mostly including the word “cute”! But they are great spectacles – Buzz Lightyear goggles in fact. I might just have to get some for myself now.

RayBan Club Master Sunglasses In The Sun

Jo’s Very Cool Retro Sunglasses Get A Last Golden Outing In The Autumn Sunshine A very proud but slightly shy owner of these fantastic sunglasses, Jo is.  She bought them because her grandmother (or was it her grandfather) had a pair just like it way back – which is a wonderful reason to get such wonderful glasses.  But at the same time she thought that they were the hit of the summer and that everyone had them and that they were not so special.  Well I hadn’t seen them before and I thought they were spectaclular. So I dragged her out into the […]