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Alain Mikli Spectacles… Scratched

Good Looking Spectacles But A Poor Photo I’m Afraid Spectacles Blog was out for Sunday lunch and spotted these great looking Alain Mikli spectacles. Suitably expensive for the spectacles wearer. Two minor points of note… [1] They were really attractive spectacles in two tone (sort of oily green and purple) but as you can’t see this in the photo you have to wonder if you can see it in real life and therefore is the expensive designer colour scheme ultimately a waste? [2] These glasses were mightily scratched.  This was almost more visible than the colour scheme.  But I guess the […]

My Spectacles – Malaysia Style

Propensity to [a] Have Blogs and [b] Wear Spectacles The attached photo is from yet another Malaysian blog showing the proud blogger in her favourite spectacles.  This is Lim Ke Shin and she is one of many bloggers who I see discusssing her choice of spectacles. I don’t usually use these pics but this time I agree and think the specs work well. I wonder that Malaysian youth has time to do anything else though they are so busy blogging.

Why Don’t People Wear Spectacles (Goggles?) Like This No More!

1970’s or 80’s ski goggles come sunglasses I can’t date these but they were the bee’s knees whenever it was.  How different to today’s ski apparatus – or at least the fashioanble stuff you see for sale for the fashion conscious. Very kindly modelled for me by the unsuspecting Doug and accompanied by the delightful Chalky in slightly more modern eyewear. How old fashioned of her to be up todate.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses: Just What He Always Wanted

Marcos In The Specs He’s Dreamed Of My friend Marcos, went to New York and came back in his Oliver Peoples sunglasses and even though he won’t tell me how much they cost, he said they were worth it because he’s been looking for some like this all his life. Wish you well to wear them then. You’re going to see Marcos again in some love-y spectacles in a day or two because he’s the groom at the big wedding in town this week.

Polaroid Clip-On’s ~ Perfect On New Spectacles

(Glasses & Clip On’s Great: Just Me & My Nose Which Let’s It All Down) I said that I would return to the subject of my new spectacles and my new Polaroid clip-on’s when they arrived. And I’m a man of my word (generally). Well, the clip on’s arrived by post and (no surprise), I clipped them on (easy – just like it says) and hey presto Polaroid sunglasses with prescription.  Good News: I can see, I can see in the sun. It’s all going so well until… the photography as promised. Bad News: Look at that nose (well you can’t […]

John’s new Polaroid “Extreme” Sunglasses

Polaroid Extreme  Oversized Aviator Sunglasses I don’t know why but I thought that there was some progression in this picture with a greenhouse (which John – pictured – sells) to glasses… to sunglasses… but now I come to write it down it makes less sense… Anyway this is John who has never managed to keep a pair of sunglasses intact for long, who I persuaded to have a pair of new Polaroids (and then I had to teach him the tilty head polaroid appreciation trick.  It worked best on the reflection on a car windscreen.)  And the glasses are Polaroids Extreme X4907B, the “B” being for […]

Blue Spectacles From Italy

Spectacles Blog Meets Antonio & His Amazing Spectacles Hob-nobbing it yesterday at The Chelsea Flower Show, I met a fantastic looking Italian in his fantastic looking blue spectacles.  They stood out like a blue performance in being noticed.  Hardly subtle with thick plastic frames in clear blue, oversized and what looked like mightily thick lenses. Antonio, the Italian gentleman seen here in his blue glasses, is an artist who is showing at The Gateshead Centre – I believe in the “installation” mode – wore them with pride and panache and was quite happy to feature in Spectacles Blog.  The spectacles themselves were made […]

Spectacles & Pout

101 Opinions on “If I Were A Librarian” Spectacles This photo is from Flickr by katenadine (Kate Nadine?) and has the most enormous number of comments.  I haven’t been on Flickr that much so I don’t know how many comments a picture usually solicits but this seemed to amaze even the photographer/model!  I counted 101 comments. She (katenadine) had captioned the picture… “I ended up having to do my 365 at work, and I was cursing myself until one of our bar men was goofing around in his friend’s glasses. I stole them, ran to the bathroom, and snapped away […]

How About These Spectacles!

Said to Be Bugatti Glasses… Only known as Aaron 78 (there must be 77 before him) he captions these glasses on Flickr as Bugattis, though he also says they are made of pigmy bones!  I assume he’s joking but in the photo of him in the glasses (below) he does look quite serious… They are remarkable glasses so let’s assume that they are Bugatti’s.  The logo is too small to see in the photo at any size. I haven’t been to Flickr before but I am going to mine it for good spectacles pictures as I suspect there are more out there and these […]

Make Your Own Sunglasses

Why Did This man Make His Own Spectacles… Really! There’s a post about robots by Yanos Solong: Reality Architect on a site called Science Patrol, showing this picture and the only explanation is that “the future is so bright: I manufacture my own spectacles”. I’ve asked the question of Yanos; what are they made from and why etc – and I await a reply!