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Cazal Eyewear! Wow-wee Zowie!

Maximalism Spectacles & Eyewear

These eyewear guys & girls have a great line. I wish I’d been the copywriter for that one…

Instead of the usual post modern “minimalism”, they have gone for “maximalism”. In fact they call it Pure Maximalism. And it’s great with only one caveat ~ that you like that sort of thing.  Whenever and wherever they can they add something to make sure they’re over the top, they do and then some.

Designer Carl Zalloni, who gave his name to the company albeit in a chopped hybrid has obviously had a lot of fun. Their collections have men’s, women’s and sunglasses – with only the men’s showing some restraint. they also have hi-tech ranges and a retro collection which are mostly stunning in their heaviness or one-off heartiness. They all make a statement.

I think I’ll have to come back to them and show you some of the others as they are quite exceptional.

10/10 for effort and for achievement – again with that caveat “if you like that sort of thing”…

See the whole eyewear range here at Cazal

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  1. Fitovers says:

    I like these design it will looks great on me I would like to have one such pair.

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