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Choosing Spectacles For Your Eyes & Make Up

Spectacles Blog Guides To Choosing Spectacles/Glasses: Part#999

It may be foolishness on my part but Spectacles Blog has published many pieces about choosing glasses – including the shape of your face, your hair colouring, your fashion sense, your personality and so on… but never have we used our common sense and thought about spectacles and YOUR EYES. (Am I dim or just blurry visioned?)  See other Choosing Spectacles pieces on Spectacles Blog

So… Some Notes On Spectacles, Glasses, Eyes & Eye Make Up…

Spectacles Leave Your Eyebrows Exposed

Most Spectacles Demand Groomed Eyebrows

Note: Long-sighted, spectacles will tend to make your eyes look larger so be careful with the frames…
So use darker shades of eye shadow on your lids and blend it in… Flaws will be magnified as well.  Similarly because of the magnification avoid shimmery and bright colours which will amplify. Itis said that it’s best not to brush mascara on both lashes – just the upper ones only so that your eyes don’t look too round.

Note: Short-sighted, spectacles will make your eyes look smaller so bolder make-up will help balance that. I this case use mascara on both the upper and lower lashes to “grow” your eyes and use top line kohl pencil to make more highlights. It’s best to make the eye lid lighter in colour and feel free to use shimmers and brighter lights in the inner corners of the eyes to helpmae them look larger.

  • Curl eye lashes before adding mascara so your lashes don’t  touch your spectacle lenses.
  • Care For Your Eyebrows which are critical for glasses wearers as the glasses usually rest just under your brow and are quite prominent
  • “Lighten Up” as most frames can cast shadows under eyes which can make darknesses seem darker or worse. It’s good to use a light and/or reflecting “concealer” to hide and cover under loose or pressed powder.

Spectacle frames… eye make-up 

  • With bold, heavy or bright colour frames use lighter hues to open up your eyes – a pale tan or soft pink are good . Use lighter lip shades or lip-glosses
  • With lighter delicate frames, use a deeper hue in your eye shadows to balance the eye area. Or to be  alittle more bold use some brighter colour hues like green, blue, or pink and be more brazen with your lips stick colours too with reds or deeper earthyshades
  • If in doubt experiment…

Thanks to mecho.com.au/Specsavers (Australia) & make up artist Natasha Severino for source material.

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