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Choosing Spectacles & Glasses: By Clothes Not Face

Colours scheme spectacle Cavalli style

Colours scheme spectacle Cavalli style

Over the years we’ve said a lot (often cribbed from other sites and info by those who have studied this at some length) about how to choose spectacles to suit you – see Choosing Spectacles category for lots of angles including eye shape/face shape/make up etc etc…

But then two things happened [1] sod the rules became a more popular philosophy and [2] people buy more specs

So why not choose them for your colour outfit. I have a couple of pairs of glasses which I leave in the cars – colour co-ordinated. So in the purple car I have purple/metallic pink spec. The black flashy car has blacker, flashier spectacles. They live in the car, so they’re always ready & co-ordinated. And I have one pair of specs which I only wear with one suit… both a bit over the top.

So now why not get some extra spectacles in every which colour and wear them according to your outfit rather than your face shape. And while you’re at it go for some different shapes and styles and have some fun.

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  1. Raviteja L says:

    Good article
    PS From Spectacles Blog: Thanks Ravi, that’s brief but sweet.

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