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Choosing Spectacles: What Colour Spectacles?

Glasses Frames In Colours & Tints

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I read that colours can influence our moods and reflect our personality.  I know from “design” including print graphics and interior design that there are traditional “wisdoms” about what colours do what and we know from nature and from natural response that this is certainly the case.  Red for danger (would that apply to a femme fatale in red specs?); greens for calm; blues for conservative and safe  (dark “respectable” blues when it comes to decor and design) but beware when it comes to food (there are no blue foods – and they now say that blue tints in spectacles lenses helps dieting because they suppress appetite); Pale colours to relax; and so on…

Are there any strict rules about colour suitability in spetcalces?, It’s obvious that some colours will go with certain skin tones, hair colours but at the end of the day (and this must be Spectacles Blog’s No. 1 “Choosing Spectacles” advice) you need to try them on! But I have picked this up from other places… this is what they say…

BE BOLD: Bold colours & large patterns for large statements.

BE SOFT: Medium/light/warm colours like beige, brown, coffee, gold, camel or peach/pink should complement fair complexions.  Dotto light metal frames/semi rimless frames.

BE WARM: For fair coloured hair(including white/grey hair) warm colours will work well. These medium value warm colours can also be used to soften the appearance of many unwanted facial features as they do not add much definition

BE BRIGHT: If you have dark hair or brown hair you can choose most colours- be bold & light = bright! Wear warm colours like reds, shiny purple, magentas, dark greens or blues.

I'm Not So Sure About This...

I'm Not So Sure About This...

BE SHINY: Shiny gunmetal or soft shiny browns go well with olive or dark complexions.  Bright & shiny silver, gold or transparent frames work well. Alternatively bold bright colours are intensified by darker complexions, particularly if you want to make a bold statement.

These colour pairs are supposed to complement and you can think of these colours as complements for your clothes/spectacles:  blue/orange:  blue-green/red-orange: yellow-green/red-purple: yellow-violet; red/green.

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