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Don’t Lose Your Reading Glasses

Good idea... good colour reading glasses

Good idea… good colour reading glasses

Magnetic & colourful reading glasses… On a chain

I had a spam comment punting the following so I’m in two minds about promting it. maybe I’ll tell you where you can see them but not give a link (that’s what the spammers want). So go to cuckooland dot com if you’re interested.

You can see the idea on the right. reading glasses on a chain… on  amagnetic base. Supposedly you never lose them by leaving on the desk or bedside table or in the kkitchen, or wherever.

They come in different colours and they come with no base for less but I don’t know why. (I know why they cost less but I don’t know why you’d want them without the base unless the end of the chain sticks to something.) The rather annoying site where you can see them explains very little, it’s so worried about being quirky, it’s totally ignored being helpful. So I don’t know aht the magnification is – or even if they have lenese but I guess they must have. $25 cost so not a bad gift.

Reading Glasses or Readers:

If you’re looking at Spectacles Blog for the first time and want to search for Reading Glasses, I’ve only just started a new category for them. The good news is that I don’t have to spend forever giving synonyms: Reading Glasses are sometimes called Readers but rarely anything else. Other glasses are called spectacles or specs (spex) or eyewear. But for once I don’t have to repeat “Spectacles”. Has anyone ever heard of Reading Spectacles. Not, I think.

PS The bad news is that I have to go over hundreds of old posts and reclassify them so they’re in Reading Glasses category…


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