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ESS Oakley Authorized Military Eyewear

Is This Sexy Eyewear Or Only For The Military-Minded…

Spectacles Blog received a PR puff last year and never got around to publishing the piece… Never mind, here’s some of it
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Eye Safety Systems (ESS) was “pleased to announce that two new ESS products were added to the Department of Defense Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL)” – the Joint Service Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry in Springfield, VA, USA. “The ESS Crossbow™ Spectacle Kit and U-Rx™ Prescription Insert join the Profile NVG™ and Land Ops™ goggle systems as authorized eye protection choices for troops to use for training and combat operations”.

Then there’s a lot of blurb… most of which I understand… “The ESS Crossbow and U-Rx represent an exciting new generation of military eye pro with unique features such as high performance anti-fog lenses, universal fit and cross-platform functionality,” said Brian Ross, ESS Senior Vice President. “Our design objective was to make these products look great while maximizing performance under the most extreme conditions. The troop response has been extremely positive and we are proud to continue providing the defenders of freedom with purposeful advancements in eye protection.”

And then there was more but falling into the TM trap where you can’t read the sentence without tripping over too many trademarked names.

Great looking gear for the outdoor type with a touch of camoflage. I can’t work out if it’s hype to sell to the general public (in which case it’s very clever) or just trailing their success with the US military.

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