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F1 1970’s Racing Sunglasses

Rush film sparks interest in 70’s racing shades…

carrera speedway shades sunglasses ref rushI saw a piece in the printed press – though it was from shortlist.com which [a] has a lot of spectacles related items – to which I will return, thank you* and [b] doesn’t seem to have the article I saw in the press version (where did I get it? It must have been an insert into something else?)

Anyway the piece was about seventies racing shades and four pairs were listed. All “names” (Carrera/Safilo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari and Ray-ban) and all quite expensive in my mind for something your dad threw away, decades ago (£90 to £306).

RUSH film with carrera speedway shades sunglassesThe first Carrera Speedway by Safilo were the ones from the film Rush worn by it’s James Hunt star, Chris Hemsworth. Safilo also own Polaroid who didn’t get a look in in the Shortlist article, though they have many metal framed shades the traditional RayBan shape and variations thereon. I must try and find out if they have any specifically 70’s racing style in plastic… They did do a pair vaguely in this style which we gave away in a competition some time ago but they were supposed to be forties! – See Polaroid shades contest winner.

ferrari 308gts sunglasses. red perforated leatherAll share the same straight top built-in bridge design (with various degrees of built in nose pad too) and the teardrop shape lens. (Is that the right description of this shape… another job to do, is to find out the right terminology…)

The most expensive shades in the Shortlist article were the Ferrari ones, which do come in leather. And perforated leather too. I must say that closer inspection on the Ferrari website does show them in a good light… but then you can spend £300 on some sunglasses if you want to: I’m not – not today anyway. These also come in brown leather (why bother, that’s much too classy) or a version in either metal or tortoiseshell with just the bridge bar in leather; also quite attractive.

All in all you could get lured into buying these retro styled sunglasses but there are other retro styles and many modern ones which are just plain more attractive. These are the styles mocked in TV commercials! Remember the 1970’s was not the height of forever-fashion. I know I was there…

*Including an image of the first specs sent through a 3d printer to make a world’s first – lenses not included!

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