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Famous Four Eyes: Dennis Taylor Snooker Spectacles

Where DO You Get Spectacles ~ Glasses Like This Then?

Snooker Spectacles

A friend said I should show Dennis Taylor the famous snooker player with his special spectacles – with the lens raised that extra inch so that when one looks down the cue, you’re still looking through the lens (it helps to see properly when you play this sport – like many others!) and the lens is re-centered in front of the pupil.

Our friends at Premiere Optical (again!) said that they made them. To be honest I don’t know if it’s this pair in the picture – though they say they made him many pairs, apparently.  Nor do I know in this display of general ignorance whether Dennis was the first or one of the first to have special snooker glasses.  Does anyone out there know?  You can get a custom pair of snooker specs at Premiere (44 (0)1255 424100).

High Brow Glasses

High Brow Spetacles

Or you can now buy them on line nowadays.  The pair on the right are avaiable at Glasses 4 Less for £55.95 including lenses – which are 52mm high!


  1. Acrowot says:

    Some of us were wearing snooker glasses long before Dennis Taylor.

  2. paul walden says:

    we do a 3 piece rimless snooker spec to where the temple lugs are angled to aid user, check out the complete range of dedicated sports specs to rx on the norville web site. I remember supplying some lenses for Dennis into one of the frames made by Premiere.

    Spectacles Blog: See Norville Lenses website

    1. MIKE says:

      Dennis Taylor’s Snooker Spec’s were made by another famous player by the name of Jack Karnehm!
      Fred Davis (another famous player) was the first Snooker player to wear these type of Spec’s!

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