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Famous Four Eyes: Harry Potter & His Glasses

Are There More Famous Glasses/Spectacles for Under 16’s?

More Famous Spectacles?

More Famous Spectacles?

One of the most established, experienced and most reputable bespoke spectacles & glasses makers (and repairers) in England who does a lot of work for the film business was telling me how little credit he gets for his craft… so here’s a tribute to him – James Berryman of Premiere Opticals – and to his craft.

(I’ll come back to Premiere because there’s a lot more to tell!  See previous post.  A fascinating business from a spectacles point of view!  (PS Check later posts for a new website from Premiere Optical in November 2009.)

Anyway, James made the first specs for the first Harry Potter movie.  He can make you some too – or just about anything else for that matter, in any material!  Phone Premiere on 44 (0)1255 424 100

PS (i) A survey said that 85% of children under 10 said that J.K. Rowling’s be-spectacled Harry Potter has ‘made glasses cooler’
PS (ii) If you want a special hand-made magic wand to go with your magical ways, see Witch Hazel Wands.

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