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Girls In Glasses On Flickr

How Many Girls In Spectacles Are There?

7255 Girls in Glasses

I picked up on this about a month ago and never posted it: Flickr is a site mainly for photos/pictures but now a “Group” called Girls In Glasses which now has 2826 members and 7255 photos posted.

Boy, that’s a lot of girls in glasses.  Go see for yourself…

I’ll have to trawl it properly (when I have time to look at over seven thousand pictures and then ask to borrow any really good ones.

They also seem to have a vibrant discussion going on.  I wish people sent more comments to Spectacles Blog.  Maybe the set-up isn’t condusive. Should I set up a better area for discussion?  For the most part I guess it would be about the image of spectacles and possibly about famous glasses/spectacles wearers?  Let me know anybody…

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  1. Chloe says:

    I like the perspective of writing of your blog. Learned a lot from you. (SB says “spam”)

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