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Guess Who’s Going To Spectacles Wearer of the Year…!

Spectacles Wearer of the Year 2013, This Week…

spectacles wearer of the year entrants

Some of the entires… now closed.

Is is Spectacles Blog’s charm, wit and style or is it personal connections… Or is the blog just so highly respected  internationally – or is that my tongue in my cheek?

Nevertheless on Tuesday I’m off with camera and notebook to Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House to see the Specsavers awards and hopefully to hob-nob with the specerati ©.

But what to wear? And importantly, what spectacles to wear? Should they be my Specsavers basic range (my everyday £25 pair which both do me very well and suit all occasions)  or my custom mades or my snazzy expensive ones…?

Melanie C (ex of the Spice Girls and now melanie Chisolm in her own right) is playing some songs (in glasses? … she is wearing specs on the invite – and if you watch the video below, I guess she would…) and the ubiquitous (at least from a specs p.o.v.) Gok is hosting.

The actual awards are for the general spectacle-wearing public – all ages and criteria. I think it’s regional, so the finalists will be representing alll areas of Britain (and Ireland?) Not sure if they have to be SS glasses though. I expect so. Entires are now closed so I can’t do anything to encourage you to enter. Maybe next year. Spectacles Weraer of the Year 2014, first mention?

Watch this space for news and views…

PS The evening and event are for a good cause – Kidscape, which is a charity countering bullying and giving support. Each entry to the competition earns the charity £1. Good stuff.

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