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Help Me Identify My Sunglasses…

Too Late Sunglasses… Sorry Camiel

Cool Shades camielSome time ago (I’m embarrased to tell you how long – it’s all the blooming spam I get… it means I miss the real stuff), I recieved an email from the Netherlands with a picture and the following message:

“Dear Tate,  about nine months ago, I bought a pair of second-hand sunglasses which I thought looked exceptionally cool. I wore them whenever the sun gave me the slightest excuse to do so. Alas, I recently broke them. I went to the second-hand shop where I bought them, but they did not have any sunglasses that looked remotely like them anymore.  Attached is the only picture I could find of myself with these sunglasses on. Do you have any idea what this model is called, and better yet, where I could buy another pair? I know that they are supposed to be “old school” and “vintage”, but they are neither Aviators, nor Wayfarers, nor “John Lennon glasses”. Any help at all would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!  Yours sincerely,  Camiel”

Well Camiel, I have no idea as they could be anything or from anywhere. They are reasonably distinctive and distinct from the styles and brand that you list. The bridge (is it a saddle bridge?) is quite wide and the lens shape is less cut away than the classic aviator.  The frame (from what I can see) looks heavy, implying age. There is a slightly old fashioned (without being re-styled) feel about them and I expect that they are/were reasonably old, like our Dads wore 40 or so years ago? They could well be Polaroids.

Identifting Spectacles..

The best place to start identifying them, or any spectacles/sunglasses if there’s no logo or marque shown is with any writing or mark inside the temples (arms). (See our parts of spectacles guides…). There’ll either be nothing… or there’ll be some numbers or names or marks and these might help. Obviously if it’s just the size marking that may not help unless it’s unusual or different. Then if there are any marks search the internet. It’s amazing what you can find…

Finding Sunglasses…

It sound predictable but I’d search ebay. If you want old rather than retro then put “used”. Otherwise you might have to go  for vintage aviators, of one make or another… A quick look just now showed me quite a few choices and many under $20. I cannot speak about the quality of the lens mind.

Repairing Sunglasses

Lastly, why not send this old pair off to a repairer… Specrepairs.com is good. Tell them I sent you.

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