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Heston Blumenthal Glasses… Again!

Amazingly Popular Spectacles ~ Glasses: Definitive Answers

Bugatti Close & maybe a Cigar!

Bugatti Glasses: Close & Maybe a Cigar!

I’m continually amazed by the popularity of the Heston Blumenthal Specs/Glasses!  Not only does Google search seem to hum with all the varieties of search phrases (heston glasses/heston spectacles/blumenthal glasses/blumenthal spectacles/heston blumenthal spec/glasses as well as Bugatti for those who got that far.. to name a few of the more popular searches!)
Maybe I shouldn’t be amazed because [a] they are smart & unusual, [b] they are on TV and in the news a lot with the recent news of Heston’s culinary & commercial (and we know how attractive celebrity is, don’t we).  But a lot of the comment out there in the ether is about Heston’s looks not being too positive.  Maybe the specs are more popluar than the man!
Any way some definitive answers as promised.  (And there are already quite a lot of posts on Spectacles Blog about these specs – to see them all use the search button at the top.)

[1] Heston’s Specs are Bugatti MG 005

[2] They are supposedly available from Michel Guillon at this website.  These look the closest to those we seen on the famous chef and people say these are they – but I’ve not had it confirmed from Mr Blumenthal.
[3] They are also, according to some, available from i2i Optometrists in Glasgow though I couldn’t find the exact model there.  I did find those pictured here which are the 204f model.
[4] They cannot be readily made by bespoke spectacles makers – unless you want to spend £1000 or so.  Obviously when they are mass-made by Bugatti, the cost is much less – but they’re still not cheap.

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