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HM The Queen In 3D Spectacles

Royal 3D Specs With An Extra Royal Touch

Q for Queen on 3D Spectacles

Q for Queen on 3D Spectacles

I know that it isn’t news but for those of you who never saw this… And the this is a pair of 3D glasses with an extra touch of royal glamour.

What makes them special is the “Q” on the side of the frames. Apparently the Queen’s personal assistant, Angela Kelly, had the letter Q made in Swarovski crystals and attached to the 3D spectacles.  Surely, it should be ER. This was all in Pinewood Studios, Toronto, Canada, to view a 3D film.

John Reeve, a 3D maestro (a stereographer no less) with the Toronto 3D Camera Company said “I told the Queen how the camera works – they are very large in order to mimic the space between the human eyes – 65mm.”  He also said “I think the Queen liked the glasses and the Duke seemed more interested in the crane holding the camera. He spent more time watching that than the dancers during the filming.”

Does The Queen qualify as a Famous Four Eyes? One doesn’t like to be flippant but she does wear spectacles…

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